Monday, January 9, 2012


Whoa I've Thought Vomit slacked off. Sorry for not keeping you guys satiated with plenty of random things that pop into my brain. Let's jump right in:

  • I signed up for a photography class. That's right, now I will actually learn how to use this m-er f-er. Daytime outside photos are golden, it is those fucking low-light bitches or night-time outside shit that I can't figure out......could help to read my owner's manual, but ya know I like classroom settings better. After I signed up, it's a rec center gig, I was like 'wait a minute what is this location code? it is different from the rec center'. Turns out the class is at the Senior Center. Yeah buddy. I am going to find a polyester pant suit to wear, it is going to be epic!

  • We're losing Pippa! Nooooooooooooo   ooooooooo   ooooo. I got a message today from Pippa to call her right away. Being at work with folks around and what not, I passed the responsibility off to Doodalood (I can't even tell you how it felt to feel the weight lifted off my shoulders when he said 'i'll call her'). Who is this partner person I am apparently married to? Weird. But so nice. Anyway, I only got second-hand-deets, but it sounds like something major happened with her dog. Like a $3,000 surgery major. And he will be in a sling and in and out of rehabilitation for the next 2 months. Anyway, sounds like it is a pretty hectic event for her and the idea of trying to care for Jack and her dog (he's a big german shepherd in case you need a visual....I like visuals) is too much. The good news is that she set us up with another lady. So we meet with her tomorrow evening. My fingers are crossed that this is just the best next step for Jack. The benefits of the move will be: more interaction with other kids....and that is about all I have thus far since I obviously haven't met her. I am sure she is wonderful. I am pretty sure Pippa told us about her when we first got together because she recommended we might want to switch to her eventually so Jack would have more of a curriculum and what not. Pippa admitted that her fault was that she couldn't say no to babies. When they got to the age where they need discipline, she can't do it. So I think this will be a good change. We'll figure it out.

  • I want chocolate. Pretty much all the time. Now that I have actually started the getting into shape thing, I think my tastebuds/brain/whatever is trying to sabatoge me. Because all I ever think about is how much I want chocolate.....and ice cream.

  • I have been wrestling with the idea of if I could ever go hunting. I feel like I can't. I tell Andy that I wouldn't be able to shoot anything, but then I try to think about it harder. Because technically I am a carnivore. I eat animals, so shouldn't I have the balls to go hunting. You know, give them a chance to get away instead of just being readily available for me to pick up at the grocery store. Why am I so quick to let someone else to do my dirty work? Well reason numero uno is obviously that it is literally dirty work. Ewwww....I don't know. Could you do it? Should I try it?

  • Bret left me this message on Friday.....wait wait. back up. She e-mailed me to see if I could call her when I got off work. I did so. She didn't answer. So then she called me back and left a message. sure is a good thing you know exactly how that went down....doh...I am dumb. Anyway, she left me a message saying she would like some advice about a certain topic and that she would call me back after she got off work. Must be a long work day, because I still haven't heard from her. But to be honest....I am kind of at a loss for advice. So amazing blogisphere, maybe you all can help. She asked if I could recommend ways to help with her man's self-confidence. I know we have all dated/married/known of men who had confidence issues. did/do we deal with it?......besides wiener rubbing you dirty whores.....although now that I think about it...that does solve most problems. :)

  • I have been highly susceptible to getting songs stuck in my head recently. And of course the issue is that they are songs that I don't know all the words too. So I get like one sentence stuck in my head.....frustrating....OH! but this made me think of a hilarious story. So Friday, I start my car after work and a very popular Marilyn Manson song is playing. In my head I am like Ooo I loved this song! And so I start singing along when the chorus hits....this is what came out of my mouth: We're all stars the Boat Show!....yeah I shit you not. I literally said Boat Show. As soon as it came out I cracked up. Hard core. I dialed Andy to tell him what an idiot I am (and obviously to tell him I was on my way home) and I couldn't even talk I was laughing so hard trying to tell him what I did. Apparently this nerd (imagine me pointing at myself) is the star of the Boat Show.


  1. I love beer, but I Don't feel like I need to grow barley. Screw hunting. :P

    Enjoy your photography class!

  2. Ooh have fun with the photography class. I just took a 1 day refresher on Saturday and it was SO informative! I hope you get as much out of your class. Is it a semester long class or shorter?

  3. Your Thought Vomit is always the best because you write exactly how you would be talking in person and it's like you're here with me.

    I was totally going to say rub his wiener, but you beat me to it. :)

  4. I want to take a photography class! Jealous!

    I'm with Josey, you don't need to hunt because you eat meat. I mean, I get your point, but no. Not if you don't really want to. (There's a reason why men were the hunters and we were the gatherers. Just sayin.)

    I am interested to know the advise on giving a man confidence. Share when you get some, please.

  5. Oh I always get a good chuckle from your TVT. I got a super fancy camera when the baby was coming and I have no idea how to use it- at all. Maybe you can pass me some tips when you're all educated about it? I like shooting guns but I don't want to kill anything, so I say no way on the hunting- and don't hunters get up at the ass crack of dawn too? And sit in tree stands not talking all day? No thanks.