Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cutting it Close

Well folks, in the famous words of many of our government officials, I declare "Good Enough". It is January 11th. 3 days shy of Jack's 10 month....monthday? whatever. And I did as best as I could. I have 2 bags of frozen milk in the freezer at work and that is that. So, Jack is starting cow's milk. Like as we speak.

Surprisingly I am not at all disappointed, which is sort of shocking. Actually I am more like the opposite. I want to pat my boobs on the back and say 'good go of it ladies! you gave it all you had'. Not to confuse you all, this doesn't mean we have begun the weaning process. It just means, hopefully, that we are switching to cow's milk during the day and nursing when I am home and on weekends. In fact, I thoroughly intend to keep pumping and building that frozen supply back up a little bit.

Once I get a little stash in the freezer and probably after we hit the blessed March 14th (one-year-old) I will seriously consider stopping the pumping completely and see if old Aunt Flo decides to grace me with her presence while maintaining the evening/morning feeding.

So here we go. The beginning of the end. It is weird and exciting. Weirdly exciting. I have babies on the mind. So who knows what is to come. Well done, righty and seabiscuit! You ladies are my heroes! Confetti falling from the skies.


  1. Babies on the brain....oooooo!!
    You did good Momma.

  2. You had an awesome go at it! And already thinking about giving little Jack a baby brother or exciting!