Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Take this Blog and Shove It!

It's official! I am moving to word press too. All the cool kids are doing it and I am done with the white-outs and inability to comment and of course, as of today, posts not showing up in my reader. Awesome. The trifecta of blog issues.

Here we go dudes:

*Just as an update. So sometimes when I try to comment on your blogs and shiz it won't let me use my wordpress id....who knows why. Therefore I am using my google id, so if you get a comment from me and it links you back here....then it is probably pretty obvious but still wanted to let you all knows.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

TVT the schizophrenic edition

  • Shit is crazy up in here!

  • Work is crazy, which makes everything else feel crazy. What happened? Everything was dead slow around the holidays I thought I was going to die of boredom and now I am sitting here thinking 'stupid, you had it so good just a few weeks ago and you were sad that you were bored. Look what you asked for'. It is good....I will be good. I will survive. Is it Friday yet?

  • I think it might finally be time to hit the slopes. Sure there isn't an epic amount of snow up there, but it is mid-January and I want to ski.....and it has been 2 years since I was last attempting to look like I know what I am doing. So I think I am going to go.

  • It is also possible that I am overwhelmed by extracurricular activities. I have a groupon for 3 horse-riding lessons and the lady keeps e-mailing me about it. I have 4 lift tickets burning a hole in my down jacket. And next week....I think? have to check, I start my photography class. I am tired just thinking about it all.

  • I want we are getting some for dinner tonight. Some things in life can be simple.

  • Ready to laugh at me? So I got a pair of five fingers....this is going to make me sound athletic, which you know that I am not really, but I got them for a good purpose. When I run (woohoo up to 2 miles bitches!!) I get some foot pain from the fact that my pinky toes like to hang out under the....ring toes? whatever. Anyway. So I got me some vibrams, even though they are ridiculously expensive, in the hopes that it will straighten my toes out. Well yesterday I went for my first run in them. Yowza, did that require the use of different muscles, let me tell you. I am a little tender. But honestly not as bad as I thought, so I am excited for round 2 today. I am happy to report although my calves and....front lower leg muscles? (ask someone else) are sore, my feet feel awesome. So laugh all you want, I think it was a good investment.

  • Gotta go! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slight Change of... Change

Some interesting things are happening up in this here house. I don't have a firm grasp on them yet and I find my brain all discombobulated.

The doodalood is reassessing his career path. The new possibilities could be very beneficial to our little family unit....they are just different than our original plans. It is a strange kind of sitch. Basically he is re-evaluating whether he wants to really work internationally....which given his major of International Affairs and what not it is kind of a big game changer.

Spending the last.....6 years I suppose.... discussing and preparing myself for the possibility of the dude working is kind of weird that basically he sat down and spoke the words I have always wanted to hear 'I want to be home with you and Jack'. Turns out Jack is the game-changer in this scenario.

Obviously parenthood is a huge change for us both, so it makes sense that it would have a changing effect on the Doodalood's future plans. I can't really say I am disappointed....I think I am still just kind of stunned. Does that make sense?

Not stunned in a bad way and not even in a major way....minorly stunned? Is that possible? There were some really not ideal scenarios that might come along with Andy's international plans. The worst case scenario would be him being stationed long-term at an embassy in a not-so-friendly-to-civilians country and us remaining here without him. Something I wouldn't have liked, but something I was preparing myself to live with. The dream scenario would have been all of us moving over there, thus my Africa post.....but in reality?...I am not sure that would have happened for some time. Most likely we'd be in an un-ideal scenario for a while until a situation arose that allowed for the ideal scenario. That could be years or you know...never.

But again, I was mentally prepared for all of this stuff....or at least I like to think I was. In reality it has been almost 8 years since his last deployment and now we have a spawn and what not. But I imagine it is like riding a bike, you get back into the swing of things.

Obviously after years of mental preparation and finally getting to the point where I think to myself 'we can do this, he should be able to live his dream, it will all work out' game change. We don't have all the deets ironed out. And there really is no guarantee that he will for sure be changing his course....but it is looking like that is the way things are headed.

So I am happy?....I mean I am, I am totally happy about the change in career decision. But I am also finding myself a little sad because of the dreams I had. I imagined if we couldn't be together that we would meet him in exotic places like Fiji, or Greece, or Egypt and spend a month together. Perhaps Jack and I would move to Europe to be a bit closer.  I would get a job preserving some really old shit and Jack would wear a little leather backpack and I would pick up baguettes from the bakery and.....yeah okay. So I have an overactive imagination.

Most likely that is not at all how our life would go. Jack will eventually start school and want to play soccer and go to camp, we won't have a month off to go meet dad in Fiji and we'd be too caught up in life to move to another country.....I know that is the more practical way of things. But I find myself mourning the dreams a bit.

Weird. This is a weird brain to be in right now. How can I be happy and kind of sad all at the same time? I guess I am sad because I worry Andy is giving up a piece of himself. His dream......but then again, maybe it wasn't truly his dream. Maybe it was just a nice thought, sort of like my baguettes. Maybe now we are getting to the crux of what he wants out of life......and obviously I am ecstatic that what he wants out of life is to be with us more than anything else. Because I feel the same way.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Effity Eff Eff

Is anyone else having retarded Blogger issues? When I click my reader to get to people's blog posts, sometimes the screen will just be white. If I go to their main page and then click on the comments to write something obviously awesome and hilarious, the screen freezes. This is probably why so many people are making the migration to word press. I might just have to join in on the fun. Effity eff eff blogger. Get ur shit together.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I just came to an amazing realization! Why don't I blog more whilst drinking? I mean I love the word "whilst" and I could use it way more if I started my posts with "Another Blog Post Whilst Drinking"......I am just saying I need to drink more while I blog.....yes I have been drinking. Can you tell?

So here's the thing. swig. Sorry I am working with a self-imposed deadline. I have to stop drinking in time to sober up enough to drive home from work.....yes that is right. I am drinking at work.

We had a problem that needed solving. Leftover beer from our holiday party. What is a girl to do? When asked to take one for the team, in this case, I accepted the challenge and took the responsibility seriously. Now you should know - I am a lightweight. You can tell that right? By the fact that I am only one beer in and writing a blog post thinking the words coming out must be genius.

Okay, so here's the thing - going back to where I started two thingies up...not paragraphs, you know what I job isn't so bad right? I mean. I am drinking a beer and finishing up my work day. Nothing to complain about there.

All I am saying is that I am lucky. There are other people who aren't so lucky. Like even Starbucks employees don't have as much of a cake walk as me. They get 2 scheduled (scheduled is a hard word to write when you've been drinking, FYI) 15 minute breaks and one schedule 30 minute lunch break....I presume....what can you do with a 15 minute break when you work at a coffee shop? Have a cup of coffee? boring. No wonder there are still smokers in the world. That is really the only thing to do with a 15 minute break.

Anyway, what I am saying is my job isn't so bad....I think I already said that...but whatever! Beer is awesome. When I am sad because I feel uninspired or like all the knowledge I learned in college and thus far in my career is just rotting inside my brain, please remind me that sometimes, on a very rare occasion, I can drink a beer at work. America fucking rocks yo. I am pretty sure this is what our forefathers dreamed about.

.....of course they had to drink beer because it was the only palatable way to store water at the time....wait let's not nerdy this post up. AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Farewell to Pippa

So it is official. On Tuesday Andy goes back to school and Jack starts at the new daycare. Sigh. It has taken me a little time to get here, but honestly, this is really for the best. Jack is a mover and a shaker....and a yeller and a he is ready to be with a group of kids playing and running about and learning and what not.

That being said. It is possible I might have cried on Pippa's voicemail last night. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't like a "Plllleeeeeassse don't go!" call. Actually the opposite. I called her to tell her thank you. For everything. But I got her voicemail. I decided to leave a message just in case she was screening my call worried I was calling to yell or whatever. Obviously I come off as the person who will call and yell at you. It is just in my whorish nature to be mean.

So yeah.....perhaps that voice message got a bit out of hand....But the good news is: Pippa called back and turns out she hasn't been able to get her voicemails! Cool! So now I can just pretend that never happened and she will never hear my blubbering on a message as I thank her. What a sap. I know.

I was much better talking to her for the reals than with the voicemail. I guess I got that warm-up cry out of the way. Obviously she still wants to see him and asked if she could watch him when we went out to dinner and what not.

So yes, it does all revolve around her dog. He is going to be immoble for a few months and she knows that Jack is a goer. So as disappointed as I was at the idea of giving up his one-on-one swimming lessons with her and trips to library reading hour and what not, I know that sitting around in her house for a few months isn't really his speed.

Long story short, onward and upward. We checked out the new daycare on Tuesday night. We arrived to meet some of the other little kids, all boys. One of them is just a month younger than Jack and the other two were very sweet. I set Jack down and he dove right into playing with them and exploring all the toys.

I will spare you the incredibly long details, but basically this is the real deal. Pippa was more like leaving your child with your mom or a close friend. This is a daycare. There is a schedule, and a menu, and permission slips to apply diaper ointment. Whilst looking at the schedule and reading all the "wash hands" I found myself hoping Jack doesn't leave there an OCD hand washer. Cross that bridge when we get there I suppose.

It will be good. He is at the age where it will soon be time to start disciplining him and thinking about potty training and learning manners. So she will definitely do this. Pippa admitted the first few minutes we talked to her that she was bad with discipline. She can't say no to her babies. And while I have a hard time disciplining as well.....Jack laughs at me when I tap his hand and say "no"....he must not think I am serious?....I know that he will need that very soon.

It is a bit of a stretch money-wise, but thankfully Jack turns 1 in two months (fuck me, where have I been?) so then the price goes back down to just a little more than Pippa charged. We'll make it. It will all work out for the best and really Jack is just fine with the whole thing. It is Andy and I who have to make the mental adjustment to our hippie, schedule-free, laid-back, flowing ways.

In the end, I am just so thankful. I couldn't have asked for a better way for this to all work out. It really has been a nice transition for me going from being at home with him, to going back to work but leaving him with Andy, to leaving him with Pippa, and now to this new step. I told Kelly that if I had to go from staying home with Jack to dropping him off at a daycare, I would have seriously had a harder time with the transition. Knowing that he got cuddles and attention and one-on-one time for 10 months of his life makes me thankful. And knowing he is totally ready for socializing and learning and being rambunctious makes me thankful that the transition is happening perfectly. It really couldn't have worked out better.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cutting it Close

Well folks, in the famous words of many of our government officials, I declare "Good Enough". It is January 11th. 3 days shy of Jack's 10 month....monthday? whatever. And I did as best as I could. I have 2 bags of frozen milk in the freezer at work and that is that. So, Jack is starting cow's milk. Like as we speak.

Surprisingly I am not at all disappointed, which is sort of shocking. Actually I am more like the opposite. I want to pat my boobs on the back and say 'good go of it ladies! you gave it all you had'. Not to confuse you all, this doesn't mean we have begun the weaning process. It just means, hopefully, that we are switching to cow's milk during the day and nursing when I am home and on weekends. In fact, I thoroughly intend to keep pumping and building that frozen supply back up a little bit.

Once I get a little stash in the freezer and probably after we hit the blessed March 14th (one-year-old) I will seriously consider stopping the pumping completely and see if old Aunt Flo decides to grace me with her presence while maintaining the evening/morning feeding.

So here we go. The beginning of the end. It is weird and exciting. Weirdly exciting. I have babies on the mind. So who knows what is to come. Well done, righty and seabiscuit! You ladies are my heroes! Confetti falling from the skies.