Friday, January 13, 2012


I just came to an amazing realization! Why don't I blog more whilst drinking? I mean I love the word "whilst" and I could use it way more if I started my posts with "Another Blog Post Whilst Drinking"......I am just saying I need to drink more while I blog.....yes I have been drinking. Can you tell?

So here's the thing. swig. Sorry I am working with a self-imposed deadline. I have to stop drinking in time to sober up enough to drive home from work.....yes that is right. I am drinking at work.

We had a problem that needed solving. Leftover beer from our holiday party. What is a girl to do? When asked to take one for the team, in this case, I accepted the challenge and took the responsibility seriously. Now you should know - I am a lightweight. You can tell that right? By the fact that I am only one beer in and writing a blog post thinking the words coming out must be genius.

Okay, so here's the thing - going back to where I started two thingies up...not paragraphs, you know what I job isn't so bad right? I mean. I am drinking a beer and finishing up my work day. Nothing to complain about there.

All I am saying is that I am lucky. There are other people who aren't so lucky. Like even Starbucks employees don't have as much of a cake walk as me. They get 2 scheduled (scheduled is a hard word to write when you've been drinking, FYI) 15 minute breaks and one schedule 30 minute lunch break....I presume....what can you do with a 15 minute break when you work at a coffee shop? Have a cup of coffee? boring. No wonder there are still smokers in the world. That is really the only thing to do with a 15 minute break.

Anyway, what I am saying is my job isn't so bad....I think I already said that...but whatever! Beer is awesome. When I am sad because I feel uninspired or like all the knowledge I learned in college and thus far in my career is just rotting inside my brain, please remind me that sometimes, on a very rare occasion, I can drink a beer at work. America fucking rocks yo. I am pretty sure this is what our forefathers dreamed about.

.....of course they had to drink beer because it was the only palatable way to store water at the time....wait let's not nerdy this post up. AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!


  1. That's one of the few things I miss from my old job. My boss was a drinker, so we always had champagne Fridays. It was awesome.

  2. Dude you had one beer and this is what you turn into? Save us all. You're neither a drinker nor a whore, remember that. ;)

  3. My husband works at starbucks on the weekends and he takes all of his breaks together so that he gets a 1 hour lunch break. But I don't think every starbucks lets you do that...

  4. You are officially my hero. Just saying.

  5. Love it. Love beer. Love you.