Thursday, November 10, 2011


Whoa! I almost own invention. Go figure. Well someone who came up with the idea of thought vomitting would certainly be the type of person who would forget about it too. Par for the course. Here we go VOMIT-icious
  • I just returned from an amazing massage.....could be to blame for me forgetting TVT. But seriously this one was ah-maaa-zing. Maybe it has taken me this many massages to get the idea behind them, you know the shut-your-brain-up-and-just-enjoy-it idea? But I must say it was probably the best massage I have ever gotten. It is making it hard for my fingers to get back with this here keyboard business.

  • Andy texted me today that his best friend just got kicked off of the SWAT team. In retrospect, it is a good thing because he just had a baby (well his wife obvi) so stepping back to patrol (or whatever it is called) is going to actually give him more time with his family. But here is the ridiculous reason he was "demoted" if that is what you would call it....reassigned? that sounds more correct. So he got in trouble for tazering a multiple offense felon who had been beating his 60 year old neighbor. In my opinion he should have received an award. But apparently the problem was that the bad guy was running up the stairs and Superman (as he shall be known) tazered him from the bottom of the stairs......yeah that was the issue. Apparently tazering someone who is technically on the floor above you is bad? I don't understand. But like I said, it sounds like it might be a good thing for him anyway. He gets more time with his new baby now.

  • I have a cold. Stupid airplanes filled with germy assholes....actually I don't think the airplane can be blamed. It is just that time of the year when everyone gets sick. So far Jack doesn't have it as bad as Andy and I. He has a little bit of a stuffy nose, but no coughing, mucusy, grossness. Let's hope that doesn't happen to him. ewww

  • So regarding my last post. I did some online browsing, but I am such a sucker for actually being able to try stuff on. Plus like some of the websites measured stuff in inches. Huh? I have to pull out my measuring tape? That seems like not conducive to the lazy convenience of online shopping. Therefore, I am going to a store! That is right! I am marching my bee-hind over to a, hopefully, sexy store tomorrow to get my on? I am excited....but I sort of told Andy's sister that we would hang out tomorrow too....and something about shopping for lingerie with your sister-in-law just seems wrong.....I mean she like knows what I am going to do with it and stuff. Eh whatever. I am over it...sort of.

  • Saturday I am packing up my scooby and driving to the Junction...the Grand Junction that is. Bret is in Colorado to try on wedding dresses this weekend. I know Jack does okay for 3 hours in the car, let's see how he does with 4. As an added bonus Andy get's a "boy's weekend" while I am away. I got my girl's weekend, so this is his manly version. He is going shooting, probably reloading ammunition, probably spitting and scratching his nether-regions as well.....or in most likelihood he will be sleeping and watching TV, but that is his perogative.....shit now that song is stuck in my head....and I want a perogi.
That's about all I got today. Have an awesome Thursday and wish me luck not embarrassing my team tonight at dodgeball.


  1. Good luck at dodgeball!

    I got my dress in GJ...there are only like 3 store options I think, but the one by the mall has a really nice selection (Victo.ria Rose?). I got my Maggie Sottero there.

  2. Ahhh a massage sounds awesome! Good luck at dodgeball :)

  3. mom insisted on going shopping with me for my honeymoon lingerie. Now THAT was weird!