Monday, November 14, 2011

Momma Gets Kick-Ass Boots

It is possible that I have been a bit of an over-achiever when it comes to pampering myself over the last couple of weeks. In my defense, Andy's sister is a bad influence. So what started out as my quest for some new lingerie.....well it went a little overboard. But FIRST! I did find a cute new corset.

It was super cute and fit well, and I actually felt sexy since my fat chub wasn't being squeezed into strange locations. So anyway, this one thing was the goal for Friday afternoon. Unfortunately when Andy's sister is involved things tend to get out of hand. Mainly because she is an awesome shopper. I figured while we were out, I should look at some new tops. I have plenty of pants, but in the tops department I am kind of lacking. The girl went to town. In about 10 minutes she pulled about 30 things for me to try on. Most of them were cute, but I definitely had my favorites. $250 later. Opps. Then she reminded me that two years ago she had promised to buy me half of a pair of St.eve Madd.en boots I had been oogling. Of course shortly after that I got pregnant, and I was worried that my feet would grow two sizes or something, so we decided to wait. She mentioned Nords.trom and "having a boot sale" and I was a gonner. Off we went. Turns out Nordies didn't have the boots I wanted, but no worries because 200 feet away was a S.teve Mad.den store.

I worked that poor girl to the bone (not really). I decided to try on every freaking boot (well not all of them) they had. I was surprised because the ones I had thought I wanted totally made my ankles look fat. I think because in the past two years, the style has changed a bit. Now apparently girls like to bunch their boots down around the ankle. Listen I am trying to keep up with modern fashion, but I refuse to buy tall boots and then bunch them down. But I ended up falling in love with two pairs......and of course, as mentioned, Andy's sister is a bad influence. So I got both. Ooops. I felt pretty guilty after. All the way home we were trying to relieve our guilt. She ended up buying this adorable Jeffery something-or-others. And some SM rain boots. She told me 'you'll feel bad for a couple of hours, then you will put them on again and you'll get over it'. Um and she was right. I totally got over it after those suckers were back on. They are so adorable. And comfy. So here they are:

 The color I got were actually more of a chocolate brown, but they didn't have a picture of them online. These can be worn up or like a pirate....I don't necessarily dig the pirate-look, but I do like having multiple ways to wear things.
And these are just fucking sexy. I mean look at them. These you can wear three ways, up (my fav), like a pirate, or like this

Which I also think is kind of sexy.

Emily made a good point when she told me 'you don't have any boots, so going from zero boots to 2 pair isn't that big of a deal'. She's totally right.....and a terrible influence. I think I am going to have to only go shopping with her every 6 months.


  1. Oooh - how awesome is it go to shopping with someone who is GOOD at it?! I think you made some solid purchases that you will wear often - totally worth it!!!

  2. Sometimes you just have to splurge. :) Good job.

  3. Nice! I've been on the hunt for new boots for weeks with no luck. :( I love those!

  4. Ummm.....but you HAVE to have both brown and now you're set! Of course, I have brown and black heeled boots (they look like pumps, but they're boots) and now I also have brown riding boots and I think I need some black ones too....hmmmm.....

  5. Hmmm.....I've been on the prowl for some boots myself. I am in L.O.V.E with the top pair for sure....exactly what I have been looking for!!! Come and be my bad influence, please!

  6. So the real question is...did you wear the corset in public and NOT under your clothes like the skank you are?