Thursday, September 8, 2011

TVT - Lordy Lordy Look Who's.....29

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with your own bloginvention? Am I right? Welcome back to TVT. Where the vomit is vast and about to hit you in the face. Wear a mask.
  • As you might have guessed, today is my birthday. Yeppers I am 29....although for some strange reason I keep thinking I am turning 28. It is totally not an issue of not wanting to get older or wanting to deny my age either....I literally keep forgetting....*sigh* I guess I am officially losing my mind. Oh well you all saw that one coming.

  • Last weekend was epic! Nick arrived, we went to Ik.ea to get him some furniture, we went rollerskating, we ate cupcakes, I saw my dad, we went to the farmer's market, it was craaaazzzzy! Let me tell ya.

  • I am still kick-ass when it comes to rollerskating. Which is exciting. I started out a little unsure. Like I almost ate shit a couple of times, but then I was skulling and crossing like a champ and feeling strong....although quite a burn in the thighs. Andy's sister got called into work last minute so she missed my skating party, but that just means we are going again this weekend to make up for it. Score!

  • After my party Andy turned and asked 'why don't you start derby again?'. I told him about the mom guilt for being away from Jack on Sunday nights as well. He said 'I will watch him and it is only for 3 hours'. Awwwww. Then I was like 'well Dodgeball starts in a few weeks and ....' he started cracking up and was like 'what is it with you and contact sports all of a sudden?' I don't know the answer to that. Pent up anger? I had a good childhood. Who knows? But this girl is about to get her contact on....of course that will require me to actually be able to throw and hit someone with a ball....stay tuned on that one.

  • I need help with my gay! So Nick moved to CO for a job. He's been out of architecture for the past 3 years and basically doing whatever he can to make ends meet in the meantime. He was excited when this job opportunity arose, but he has a partner in SD...and he is sad.....I am trying my best to take care of him. Feed him dinner, show him the city, taking him places with us....but he is still sad......I think I need to take him out this weekend to meet other gays. Something tells me they will be more helpful than a married chick with a baby. Time to search for reinforcements!

  • The neighbors started their divorce paperwork last night and according to Andy's text messages from Neighborhusband, things weren't going so well. I am sure I will hear all about it tonight because....IT'S PROJECT RUNWAY NIGHT!!!! It is like I hit the birthday lottery. TVT and PR= so awesome. Damn I hope Neighborwife doesn't totes ruin my birthday celebration with her mopey divorce details....OMG I am so kidding. Did I sound like an epic bitch there or what? Mission accomplished.

  • Um not to bring this party down, but teething fucking sucks. My kid has been up crying at 3:30amish for the past two nights. He is inconsolable. I am not used to having to actually be conscious at this time to deal with real issues. He still wakes up to eat around 4:30a, but that goes something like this: reach zombie arms over and retrieve baby from co-sleeper being careful not to wake up fully, pull out boob, fall back asleep...usually this means that I wake up at 5:30 with Jack laying next to me. Yeah I know he is almost 6 months and it is time to officially have him sleeping on his own, but that would require me to wake so not wanting to do that. Anyway, the past few nights he has cried for, well what feels like 10 hours, but is probably about 15 minutes. The only thing that seems to randomly work is to change his diaper, take off all his clothes, and tuck him into my side like a little football.

  • Andy's sister is totes into one of his best friends. I am hoping that it will actually blossom into an awesome relationship because she seems to be a bit lonely. And Andy's friend "Steve" (which also happens to be his name...I like being ambiguous sometimes) is really cool and he seems to like her too. This is like a high school romance unfolding before my eyes. Gets me all teary.

  • My brother's text this morning was awesome so must share: "Happy spirit journey transformation anniversary seester! You're probably a grown up now (?)" I love him. And miss sad faces today though!

  • In light of last weeks TVT I am going to stop right here. I hope you all have an awesome, extra special, rhinestone infused, limited edition, Natalie's Birthday, Thursday. Peace out girl-i-os.


  1. Happy Birthday Natalie!!! Sounds like it's going to be a fun (and interesting) one. I love that you play dodgeball and now derby. I want pics!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope teething gets better. And please don't get any black eyes or broken bones with your extreme sports! :-)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday, to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    You and contact sports = match made in heaven. Love it.

    Poor Jackers. :( And I have a feeling we'll be co-sleeping for a long time too.

    I'll try to think of fun gay friends I have in the Denver area and let you know. :)

  4. Happy birthday to you, crazy woman. I ate a donut in your honor. YOu're welcome.

  5. Happy Birthday lady!! And my brother calls me seester too. :)

  6. Happy Birthday!!

    Let Nick take Jack out and he will meet lots of nice gay guys!!! The Austin gays LOVE Maggie. :) We went out for lunch downtown on Sunday and I had at least 5 come up to us to fuss over her.

    Hope you have a great one!

  7. Sometimes I just tell people I'm 28 to see if they still believe it and if they do I get really happy about myself. Happy birthday lady! I'll drink a beer in your honor. And just in general too. But I should probably wait until after noon. 2 more minutes...

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope Jack sleeps without crying tonight as a present to you! Penelope is still tooth free...not looking forward to it!