Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Henna Belly Day and Internet Install....what?

I am not sure what I was thinking on planning out today.....scratch that I know what I was thinking 'I will just take one afternoon off and get two things accomplished'. But it didn't occur to me at the time what I was scheduling. So as I have admitted a time or two, I am a bit of a hippie....but don't worry I am a clean one who shaves and pays taxes and carries a gun....okay I am a really freaking strange hippie. Hahaha. I was trying to think of a new term and the first thing that came to mind was strippie (strange + hippie) but now I realize that is not the image I want to put out there.
A friend of mine told me about a woman she knows who was doing a Henna project. She is putting together a book of pictures of pregnant women with their bellies painted. If you volunteer to be part of her book project, which I did, you basically pay a small amount for her to travel and for the Henna supplies. As I have already shared, my belly isn't the prettiest belly in the world, especially now that "Harry Potter" has invited all his friends over for the stretch mark party. But I thought this would be a way for me to take some belly pictures while covering up some of the imperfections. Anyway, today is the day! At noon, SarahKate is coming over to paint and pamper me and I am super duper excited!
Is anyone else super annoyed with the cable/internet/phone companies that give you the super awesome price for 6 months and then it skyrockets? Well this is something that bugs the crap out of me. I have discovered that you just have to call and tell them you'd like to discontinue your service and then they will extend the price for another 6 months. But I've been doing this for a few years and it is tiring. I get tired of remembering to call every 6 months to prevent our bill from going up. Plus we basically never watch cable. Why should I pay for the triple-pack when I don't need it? We were kind of trapped into this service though because they were the only provider of high speed internet in our area....until now. We just received notice that a new provider is "in town" and I was able to lock in the price for 2 years with no contract! Sweet. I jumped at the idea because now I don't have to even think about it again until February of 2013.  Of course the only days I am available to be home for installs are Fridays and now that I am at the midwife every Friday afternoon, I can't guarantee to be home from the noon-5pm window. But then I remembered I was taking a half day today to get Henna painted at the house.
Of course, it just occurred to me that despite the five hour window, most likely what will happen is the internet guy will come while I am getting painted and I am just now starting to picture what his expression will be. I am pretty certain it will give him something to talk about with the "guys" when he gets back to the office. My fingers are crossed that he comes sometime around the 1:30-5pm mark. Then I should be all done and I can put a robe on, maybe my super hot mint green one, and cover the paint while it dries. Now you might think being seen in that robe would be much worse than showing an exposed painted belly, but not me. I am certain he has seen his fair share of robes. I would probably be his first pregnant henna painted hippie waddling around. Of course what do I know. Maybe lots of women decide to get their internet installed on the same day that they are getting their belly henna painted?


  1. I bet the pictures will turn out great! What an awesome idea.

  2. LOLOLOL... you crack me up. :)

    Can't wait to see the pics!

  3. I'm calling you an insippie. An insane hippie! This post just makes me laugh and shake my head at you. You're hilarious and I can't wait to see photos!

    (Um, my word verification was just "sucker")

  4. AHAHAHAHA...and there is a term, they call us "crunchy"...kinda granola, but just kinda, so "crunchy"...

  5. Oooh, can't wait to see the belly pics!

  6. I, too am a "strippy." So nice to finally have someone who understands my strippyness. It's quite complicated to explain to those who are not strange hippies themselves... =)