Monday, November 22, 2010

So Not On Top of It

So the last time I posted pictures was 19 weeks. Today is 25 weeks, so that makes me a big slacker mcslackerton. I finally remembered my camera and chord, at the same time, so here you go all at once. My first comment after looking over all the pictures at once is 'why the hell did I not take the time to do something with my hair and put on some G.D. make-up for these?'. So my 26 week resolution will be to make a semi-descent effort to take flattering pictures.

20 weeks: I love how I am off-center here. Awesome job me.

21 Weeks: Taken on Halloween, thus my bright orange shirt. Gotta check out the nice pancake ass I've got going on.
22 Weeks 
23 Weeks: For some reason I think I look seriously tired even though I haven't been feeling tired.
24 Weeks: This is the point that I think I started to actually look pregnant rather than having a beer belly. Yeah I am so punk sad.
25 Weeks: Wait does it look like I might have an ass here? Or is it just me lying to myself?

(For older Belly Pics go here)


  1. Aw your belly is so cute! Love the rocker picture. I now feel huge compared to your bump though! haha! Guess I am growing a bit faster than most.

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  3. Oh please, I highly doubt I am smaller than you C.F. You have to keep in mind that I am 5'-11" and I started out with lots of extra padding to hide a baby behind. But speaking of belly pictures, where are yours? I bet you are adorable!

  4. Love your baby bump! You are a gorgeous pregnant woman - don't you even start to think otherwise!

  5. Love the pics!! I love looking at pregnant belly pics, its even better when its a friend!

  6. I think you totally have a cute little rounded ass instead of a pancake ass now - yippee! :)

    Your belly is adorable - totally a baby bump instead of just a belly.

    Your boobs are huge. Yikes, you and Oak are starting to scare me!!