Friday, October 22, 2010

Pictures finally

Okay I realized it has taken me forever to get my pictures off my camera. I just never think about it until I am somewhere away from my camera and my computer. So without further ado, or some shit:
17 weeks

 18 weeks- AHH beer gut


 Andy at 18 weeks, sadly looking more pregnant than me :)

 19 weeks - sporting my pre-preggo jeans. They are hanging in there for me.
But I think that is about to end


  1. Love it! You look great, beaming!

  2. Yay! Fun to finally see some belly pics! You look great Nat.

  3. Beautiful!

    PS - I a little bit want to hate you, since I was in maternity pants by like 12 damn weeks.

    You are so cute!

  4. You are so adorable, lovin the leggins and shoes in the 17 week pic, BTW. You are definetely glowing Natalie, I can't wait to see your belly outgrow Andy's, lol!

  5. Yay for pictures! You are so tiny still - you look wonderful!