Thursday, May 6, 2010

Girlie Fail

So you know how I decided my first step at increasing girli-ness was going to be to keep my nails painted?

Then why the frick did I walk out of the house looking like this?

Hello crack whore nails. The sad part of this story is that the paint that stained my nails was three nail paintings ago. I had to keep covering it up. It was the cheap shit that comes in those "free with purchase" grab bags. Shoulda checked the label I bet the color is called "Trashy Shadow". I've learned my lesson. $5 nail polish might seem extreme, but at least I can remove it and not look mentally insane. So how did I let myself out of the door this morning? Easy it's Thursday, the tired sleepy day. I took the chipped polish off last night and then was distracted by chores and sleep, so I didn't get to the repainting portion. But the good news is, I have a $5 coupon for Sally's and there is one on my way home, SCORE! New expensive polish for me. I am throwing "Trashy Shadow" out tonight. Let me know if there are any takers. Perhaps this is the look you are going for?


  1. Love it! My toes get a case of trashy shadow from time to time.

  2. OMG!! That is totally the look I am going for! Nothing screams awesomeness like "Trashy Shadow"