Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom's Day

Katie and I inadvertently planned to hang out Sunday before I realized it was Mother's Day. The fact that we had accidentally planned it was sort of fortuitous because, as previously mentioned, we both lost our mommas within a year of each other. This might come off as sounding a bit harsh to you all, but I just kept thinking about how Katie and I should start a club (ever the 12 year old) and it should be called "DMC" for Dead Momma's Club. I know, I know, it is probably messed up that I think of that as comic relief. She has been a pillar in my life when it comes to dealing with Dead Mom issues. It is just nice to have someone around who can commiserate with you. Not that my other friends aren't super supportive, but the reactions you get are different. It just feels so much better to have someone else say "I am having a hard time with that too". I can't explain it, but you probably get what I am saying. Anyway it ended up being a pretty perfect day, except that my mere presence in her house caused her hubby to become nauseated and have to spend the second half of the afternoon in bed.....he assured me that it wasn't me, but it seems like he was fine before I arrived. But I guess that made it even better that Katie and I were together. Andy had to finish his final papers, so the two of us just lounged about, chatting about everything under the sun: from babies, to landscaping, to financial planning. It was great. Although we (Tim included, this was pre-sickness) scrapped plans to ditch her napping kids and walk over to Bristol Brewery (we were planning to test the range of her baby monitor), Tim offered to stay home so we could head over to Coldstone. They were having a Mother's Day special, so Katie and I decided she should get something for her stretch marks. Don't worry, we didn't show the two teenage dudes her stretch marks, but she probably would have if they had asked her for proof of motherhood. She's awesome like that! When we got home, Tim was sick. Then the girls woke up and it was just the four of us ladies hanging out. That's when I decided to capture Katie with her adorable nuggets.

Snuggling with Laura

Smoochin on Charlotte

Charlotte and Momma

Katie and her Girls

Now Laura is looking and Katie and Charlotte aren't. hahaha. Hilarious.

It was a great day. I got a little sneak peak into life with two kids....I spent the entire time peppering Katie with questionsFor instance, when she said "Laura do you want Daddy to read you a book now or in 5 minutes?". That is code for "Do you want to take your nap now or wait 5 minutes?". I feel like an anthropologist, their routine is so fascinating. I am certain to have thousands more questions when the time comes.  

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