Monday, February 1, 2010

What the crap was I thinking? and Monday Morsels

Today is February 1st......I know what you are are thinking 'uh duh stupid, of course it is February 1st  it says so right there on your computer!'. Well what I mean by pointing out the date is OH CRAP it is February 1st and what was I thinking? hehehe. Okay that might be a little melodramatic, but I like to go overboard because then when I realize it isn't that big of a deal I can laugh at myself. As previously mentioned somewhere in this mess of a mind-dump blog, I have decided to participate in a triathlon this year. Well I decided last year, but it turned out to be too much to pile I was going to be in Sweden the weekend that the shortest possible triathlon I could find would be going on. Saved by a Swede! Thanks Matty. Well this is the year and dumb me decided to get my dad to do it with me which meant his girlfriend fiance now wants to join in on the fun and she has invited her sister, soooooo now that there is this whole team thing going..... all instigated by yours truly..... there is no way I can back out. This is all my fault and now that we hit February 1st, that means it is time to start the training. Which I am kind of excited about really. The only part that I am dreading in the whole process is actually participating in the triathlon because I know out of all the athletic and thin people that I geniusly (new word write it down!) decided to invite to "join" me in my adventure, I will be coming in last. And when I mean last I mean out of the 200 or more participants in the triathlon. Yes my dad, his fiance and her sister are going to be showered, clothed, and sipping a celebratory beer before I even see the finish line out in front of me. Genius genius me. Anyone know a couple of 400 lb ladies preferably with 1 leg (out of the two of them) who might want to trudge along beside me as I struggle through my first triathlon? If so give them my number. Oh Natalie, what were you thinking?

And since I promised other morsels of fun:

-I keep trying to pull out my invisilign trays each time I go to eat, even though they are no longer there. My ortho installed my permanent lower retainer last friday and I have a upper retainer that I only need to wear for a few hours at home and then at night. But every time I go to eat something I grab at my teeth to get my trays off. This could be good for the weight loss though, to keep the mentality that snacking is a pain in the butt.

-I finally got my results for my 5th License exam and it was a pass! Woohoo. 5 officially down and two to go. One of the last two is in two days. Yeah as you might imagine, that coupled with work deadlines, coupled with the triathlon training means Natalie is having a Monday flip out session...can you couple three things together. Probably not. Whatevs I can't be bothered with technicalities today, so don't judge too harshly.

-I hit the slopes of Winter Park yesterday with what turned out to be the ever-so-false confidence that I could actually telemark. After a weekend of powder skiing up at Steamboat...*sigh* at the magical memory...I was feeling awesome about my skills and thought I would rock it when I went again a week later. Wrong! Turns out telemarking in powder is so much easier than telemarking in non-powder....i.e. I fell a ton, have awesome bruises to show for it, and still have a long way to go to earning my first tassle (benchmark dad has set up for mastering the art of telemarking).

Okay I have to go study since I am obviously procrastinating right now.


  1. Hey - I've been thinking about doing something like this... which triathalon are you going to do?

    Telemarking is hard (or so I've heard) - you'll get the hang of it with more practice!

  2. I am thinking the Fort Collins Sprint Triathlon in May and/or the Longmonth Sprint in June. My dad wants to do both, but we'll see. Wanna join me?