Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Greatest Husband in the World!

My very smart friend Katie (check out her and her cute nuggets here) recommended that I check-out "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" a book about lady business, so I got on the library catolog to figure out where I can pick it up. Seems to be a popular read because all the libraries on my way home and around my daily activities were checked out or "lost" (meaning someone stole it! Probably someone embarrassed to go up to the check-out and face a pimply-faced high schooler or an adorable little old lady). Well I located a copy at the library attached to Hubby's school and then quickly decided that was a bad idea because he would NEVER  be willing to check out a book with a title like this for me. So last night I was checking for a used copy on Amazon, with Hubby snuggled next to me on the couch, I was about to go through with the purchase, when he said 'why don't you just get that at a library?' and I responded 'the only place I can find it as at your school'. And then Mr. Wonderful offers up 'So I will go get it for you, write down the title on this piece of paper'. Now Mrs. Skeptical (i.e. Me) was thinking I would give him this piece of paper and he would lose it or forget about it for at least a few days if not longer. BUT, I get a call at work today and it goes something like this:

Mr. Wonderful: 'hey what's going on?'
Mrs. Skeptical: responds with something boring about work
Mr. W: 'That's good, by the way, you owe me big time'
Mrs. S: 'Oh really, why is that?'
Mr. W.: 'Because I was walking out of the library with your book and I ran into a couple of guys from my class'
Mrs. S: 'Oh no! Did they see it?'
Mr. W: 'Oh yeah, I tried to hide it, but one of them asked what I had gotten'
Mrs. S: 'Shoot, I am sorry! What did you say?'
Mr. W: 'I told them I was concerned about my ovulation (Mrs. S busts out laughing) Yeah, there's nothing like the "o" word to stop a conversation in its tracks!'

And then Mrs. Skeptical was transformed into Mrs. Completely-In-Love-With-Her-Hubby!

Do any of you have stories of Hubby/Boyfriend doing something that totally sweeps you off your feet?


  1. Well, right now my husband took my children...somewhere...not sure where. But the point is, I'm in my hot tub with a glass of wine reading blogs by myself. So I'm feeling pretty swept. ;)

  2. That is hilarious! I'm way impressed that he ever considered going to get it...mine would have called me from the library and said not a chance! lol

    Of course, I regularly get swept off my feet by Marmot because he makes homecooked meals and keeps the house clean. Prince Charming!

  3. OMG - your life will be CHANGED once you have read that book. I finally got a copy of it about six weeks ago and it has helped SO MUCH with my knowledge about my body and lowering my stress level about why the hell my uterus is being so stubborn! I swear to you that I will NEVER go back on birth control after reading this book - it's the sort of information that all women should know about their bodies, no matter where in life they happen to be!

    My Hubby does lots of great things for me, but it's the little things that mean the most. Yesterday, out of the blue, he texted me "love you like no other."

    Doesn't get much better than that. :)

  4. Aww these are great guys. I especially love the fact that Gucci Mama has no idea where he took her kids! That is hilarious. I am definitely excited about delving into the book. YAY for knowing your uterus! hahaha

  5. Gucci Mama- up until now I thought I was the only one who sat in the tub with wine and my computer!!

    this is so funny! Did he ever get more feedback from his friends? My boyfriend, not husband yet, before I came home last night laid out a cookbook and told me that he'd make me whatever I wanted out of it and go buy the ingredients...AND he took the dog out in the freezing rain.

  6. I think they just laughed and shrugged his comment off. He is taking a writing class geared towards people going into the medical field so maybe they just figured it was for research or something. How is it that guys can do that, be like 'oh okay' and never think about it again. You know a girl would be gossiping about it for months and immediately have it figured out that his wife was having lady business trouble.

  7. AHAHAHAHA...thanks for the laugh today Andy!! I think you'll enjoy the book, so it will be worth the minor embarassment. That reminds me of being at the grocery store last week and there were these two teenish age boys in the "girl" aisle, trying to pick out panty liners. I could tell they were mortified when they knew I'd seen them but all I could think was "that is so sweet that they would get that for some girl in their life".

  8. hahaha!! That is hilarious! let me know if you ever need to talk, fertility issues are hard.