Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Question Friday - 1/29/10

I joined in on F.Q.F. last week and had such a good time I thought, what the heck? Let's do it again! If you want to join in the fun go to Mama M.'s blog, read her directions and just do it!

1. Would you ever vacation alone?
This depends on what you consider vacation alone...let me tell you why. Last summer I went to Sweden sans the hubbmeister because a) he didn't want to take unpaid time off work (because he is a work-a-holic to a masochistic level) and b) he didn't seem all that stoked to go to Sweden (which I think has more to do with his hate for flying). So being the brave independent woman I am, I boarded the series of flights to Gothenburg, Sweden and then jumped on a bus to Borås. Pretty freakin' cool. Now if you don't count the fact that when I got to Borås I linked up and stayed with my Swedish sister, Matilda. Then yes I would and do vacation alone sometimes. But if the only definition is to go to a destination where you don't know anyone, like say Tahiti, and sit on the beach with a book....well I think I would do that too maybe. I would miss the hubs a lot, and usually do when I go on trips without him, but at the same time I am pretty successful at entertaining myself. Shoot all this take of travel makes me itch for a vacation!

2. Do you go the speed limit?
Yes if by speed limit you mean, "flow of traffic" which is usually at least 10 mph over the posted speed limit. hahaha. I TRY my darndest to be a good driver and stick to the signs, but sometimes when you go from where it is posted at 75 on the highway down to 55 when you hit Thornton, it feels like you are traveling back in time it is so slow!

3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs?
I started following a couple of my friend's blogs. But I was just a spectator at first. Then one of my closest friends, Katie, was sneaky and she sent me a note on Facebook saying 'I mentioned you in my blog today, you should go check it out'. And in her blog she said something to the affect of "man, I wish this girl would blog". I had posted silly stories on facebook a few times and I thought, heck I can do this more often, why not? And then a giant can of worms was opened and here we are.

4. Where do you shop for yourself?
Well I used to shop at Tall Girl (tearing up) because I have a considerably long set of legs on me. I am approx 5'-11" and have at least a 35" inseam, but I like pants with at least a 36" inseam. I spent much of my life wearing pants that were too short, or modifying them by sewing panels of fabric at the bottom, or, on rare occasion, finding a pair of pants with a 34" inseam that would look okay for approximate 3 wears and then they would mysteriously shrink up and look too short again. Well 5 or 6 years ago my (at the time) step-mother-in-law (she is now my ex-step-mother-in-law and I have a new SMIL)  Julie, took my sister-in-law and I to the Mall of America as our Christmas present. She paid for the flights and the hotel and food and we just had to finance our shopping extravaganza. This was the first time I had been to M.O.A and I was overwhelmed to say the least. Well my ladies-in-law were having a good time, finding and purchasing things, but I was coming up with zilch. We went into Ann Taylor to see if they would have some tall pants only to find out that they 'only offer tall sizes in their catalog' A**holes! (aside: you know tall people like to try clothes on in stores too right?). But then the sweet angel of a sales lady said 'You know there is a store here called 'Tall Girl'? it is on this floor even' (although that meant it was roughly four miles away, hahaha). And that is how I discovered the GREATEST store a tall women could ever discover! I only bought two pairs of pants there (hey I was poor okay!) but once back in California I located one at the Irvine Spectrum, so Andy would humor me every so often and we would make the two hour trip up to do some shopping. Then when we moved to NY every six months or so I would drive up to Buffalo (6 hour round trip trip) and lay down $400-$700 on a ton of new pants. AND when we decided to move back to Colorado, I was mostly thrilled at the idea that there was a Tall Girl downtown (the first time I wouldn't have to make a trek to get to one) and since I take public transit, I was within three blocks of TG five days a week. Needless to say I had to change my shopping habits because I no longer needed to grab every single pair of pants in my size off the rack and try them on. I could pick one or two and buy one thing and then come back next week. Well sadly TG was bought by a British Co. about 6 months ago and they were able to acquire TG's canada stores, but not their American ones. I have no idea why this is just what I was told as I peppered the sales lady on my "emptying the store of everything that fit me" trip. She tried to console me that eventually the Brits want to bring their stores here and it might take a year. But I knew my dreams of having a physical store to go shopping at were quickly dying. Anyway I bought 7 pairs of pants at TG before they went out of business. I have four with the tags still on and I am saving them for a time when I need to feel like I just went shopping and found something new (you know the feeling ladies). In the meantime I am waiting to see what happens with the new company and I am going to use the pants I have to make patterns for myself. Because I do actually sew and there is no reason I can't make my own pants. Wow that turned out to be an extremely long answer to a seemingly simple question. Sorry for the vent-fest.

5. What was the song that you danced your first dance with your spouse to at your wedding...or...what song would you like your first dance to be to?
Ahh (sigh) we danced to "At Last" which my ever-so-beautiful-and-talented mom recorded for me. She had an amazing voice and my dad is an awesome guitar player, so I asked them to make a recording of it for my wedding and it remains my most cherished wedding gift. Andy was pretty oblivious to the whole wedding thing, but I have programmed him enough now (7 years later) so that every time "At Last" comes on he is like 'hey! that's our song!'. And they say men can't change. hehehe

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  1. That was awesome!! I love the Tall Girl story! And, I envy you...I have a weird body...torso of a 6 footer, legs of 4'11", pants are hard to find for me too...but opposite reasons!

    Mama M.
    My Little Life

  2. Oh man! I hate it when the speed limit drops like that! I find it nearly impossible to drop 20 mph! So most of the time I don't!

  3. I so understand the jeans thing - I'm 5'8" with a 33" inseam, but if I don't buy 35-36" they are invariable put into the dryer by my "helpful" husband & end up too short for flip flops. UGH!

    What a great story about your first dance song! My Dad sang "Forever Young" at our wedding as his toast to us (while playing guitar). It's one of my favorite memories of the whole day.

  4. What a fun read! I, too, am a 5'11" chica - so I SO get the whole Tall Girl thang!

    Look forward to reading more - am following you! :-)