Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Ninja

Our Sunday didn't go exactly as planned. The intention was to put up baby gates, organize the garages so we'd be able to pull both cars know because SnowMagedons (or Snow-M-G as I heard it referred to on the radio this morning) happen all the time during the winter in Colorado, and then I was going to make Jack the last few items for his halloween costume. The good news is, we got the baby gates up. The bad news is, that was about all we accomplished that day. We were taking our sweet time and just enjoying the day. I was getting some laundry done, dishes, you know that sort of thing. Andy's mom called in the afternoon and I was thinking she was probably wanting to skype with us to see the baby. So I ignored it. Then she called Andy's cell. Then she called Andy's cell again 2 seconds later. Uh oh. It was no longer just a social call. I called her back to hear her panicked voice saying that Andy's sister was having chest pains and her heart rate was elevated. She needed a ride to the E.R. So we snapped into action. Of course the sucky thing was I had just laid the baby down for a nap in his crib and he had gone down without even crying. So I had to get him back up and he was pissed. He was even more pissed to be strapped into his carseat.

Here's the problem - technically we are the closest people to Andy's sister, but she is still a good 30-45 minutes away from our house. So the entire drive down there we are wondering how bad this situation is. Should she really call an ambulance? Are we going to get there and find her passed out....or worse? Andy finally got her on the phone and was able to talk to her as we drove down there. That helped to calm our nerves. But the kid is 23 years old. She should not be having chest pains and a H.R. upwards of 120.

Turns out she had gone to the E.R. earlier that day...without telling anyone. They did an EKG, blood tests, a chest x-ray, etc. Her potassium was low and she was dehydrated so they gave her some fluids. But other than that, they couldn't find a cause. She said she felt good for a few hours after she got home, but then her heart rate went up and the chest pain returned.

They ran her blood again and did another EKG when we brought her in. Again her potassium was low, but other than that, nothing seemed to be wrong. Her heart rate was definitely high. The alarm kept going off. We ended up staying at the E.R. until midnight. The doctor said he didn't think her chest pain was anything to worry about and could just be a sign that she was getting a virus. all that time and no answers. They gave her some anti-nausea medications and sent her home. Needless to say, I was exhausted on Monday morning and paranoid as crap! As soon as we left his sister's house I started internally panicking that I exposed Jack to something horrible. I gave him a bath right away when we got home, and Andy and I both showered, but I couldn't shake the worry.

I considered scrapping the halloween idea altogether. He is only 7 months afterall. But as the end of the work day drew near, I just got this funny urge to follow through. So I ran to the fabric store to get supplies. I was shocked to see kids already out trick-or-treating as I was driving home. Seriously? I get that most parent's want to get their kids to bed early, but most working-folk are still on their way home. In fact, I actually turned the first doorbell ringers away. I had just walked into the house and still needed to feed the baby, not to mention myself. Andy laughed and told Jack "Mommy's a bitch". But seriously! I am giving you free candy. It is up to me when I chose to do that. So I told them 'come back in an hour we're not quite ready yet'.

I whipped up a was floppy and not awesome, but whatever, I figured I had enough fabric to make a good one later. Then I cut a tiny beard. Voila! A lumberjack was born.

the beard lasted about 30 seconds. Just long enough to take a few pictures.

Can't be a lumberjack without an axe

snuggling my babe

The issue with Jack crawling like a crazy person, is it is no longer easy to get him to sit still for a photo. This was an attempt to put him in his bouncy seat, which he is WAY too big for, and it still didn't work. Whatever.

at least someone appreciated my beard. hahaha. I told him he reminded me of the king puppet from Mr. Rogers.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!


  1. LumberJACK. Still kills me. And um, elevated heart rate? Yeah, funky and scary.

  2. Ok, he is gorgeous. Seriously.

    Oy, that is a stressful day! Not fun. Poor sister but poor you! Hope all is ok now.

  3. His poor sister, she must have been scared to death. I hope it's nothing and that's the last ER trip she has to make.

    Lumber it.

  4. cute beard! Penelope isn't even close to crawling...a little bit of me is jealous that Jack is moving around...but then I think about the fact that I can walk out of the room to get a drink and she'll still be in the same spot when I get back and it makes me realize I can wait a little while longer!

  5. Love the Lumber JACK. I have another friend with a Jack and of course he was a Jack-o-Lantern....only he's 4 and it was HIS idea, not his mom's! Anyway, it's award time again, and I'm sharing the love:

  6. Yikes, scary about your sis.

    Of course you gave him an ax. :)

  7. Goodness! I'm glad she's alright! That lil' lumber jack is pretty friggin adorable! Great idea!!

  8. Ah, I'm back at work and can't comment on your blog from that comp. That costume is awesome! Kinda strange about your SIL - hope everything is OK.

  9. What a lucky boy Jack is to have a mommy who can whip up a cute costume in minutes! I hope he paid you well in candy.

  10. Glad to hear his sister is doing OK! I actually had something similar happen to me in my early 20's. They said I had an infection of some sac around my heart muscles - yes, they said sac. It was weird.

    I can't believe how adorable Jack is. I mean, seriously - that kid is freaking gorgeous! There is a girl up here who knits the most amazing hats, and she actually made one that has an attached beard a while back. It was freaking hilarious, because his dad has a full beard so it made the boys "match". Totally made me think of that when I saw your beard for Jack though!