Friday, September 30, 2011


Thought Vomit Thursdays on a Friday. For those just stopping by or new to the game, TVT is an invention that basically allows you to open your brain and let out the beast. You don't have to write anything cohesive, you don't have to write long explainations, you don't have to write shit. There are no rules for TVT. You can post on a Monday or on a Thursday or on any other day of the week. You can use the button, or you don't have to. Mr. Mac-Attack graced his mommy with this picture of "enjoying" some cereal, I thought it illustrates TVT so perfectly he became our poster-child. Welcome to TVT, let the vomit speweth-forth!

  • Andy's mom and step-dad kidnapped my child yesterday. I had an eye appointment, so I was home about an hour earlier than normal. They are in town visiting and wanted to take Jack for the day.....I just thought they'd hang out in their hotel room, or go to the mall nearby. I had no idea that when I called no one would answer. I called his mom, left a message and thought 'oh maybe he is taking a nap and she put her phone on silent'.....waiting 20 response.....hmmm...So I call his step-dad's answer either....ugh oh! First thought was: They packed up my kid, went to the airport and took him home with them!!!! I would not put this past  them. His mom is baby craaaazzzzyyy. We went out to dinner the night before with Jack's great-grandma, great-aunt and uncle, etc. and Andy's mom held him the entire time. Turns out they just went to the mountains with him, thus limited cell service, but I still spent a good hour of my life yesterday thinking 'where is my kid!!' in a semi-panicked manner.

  • With the 'rents being in town I have not had time to play with my camera. Sad panda. I basically had time to turn it on, take a few pictures with the "automatic" settings and start to play around with putting it in manual mode, and then realize I need to read the directions because HOLY shit these DSLRs are way fancy. The screen pulls up these four boxes one says like 'if you push this button the world will explode', the other scrolls around with fractions as you point the camera in different directions, the other is like 'you look pretty today!', etc. Very complex machinery. I don't wanna wait until I read the directions!

  • Turns out that really awesome thing with work is not going to happen....or at least it is not going to happen as quickly as we were anticipating. Thus no training seminar for me in Disn.ey Wo.rld. On the one hand, this is a very good thing. Have you guys looked at the prices for tickets into D.W.? Insane! Andy and I are both going to have to sell a kidney to be able to pay for a family vacation down there, should we ever cave and take the kiddos someday. The only reason this would have worked out well would have been because my company would be paying for my flights, hotel and food. To do all that, plus buy tickets into the parks, fuck me! Of course, it would have been a bit pointless because obviously Jack wouldn't remember it would have been for me. But scheming-mom-brain was thinking then someday when Jack was like 'I want to go to D.W!!!' We can be like 'you already went there and you didn't like it'. But it is obviously sad that it got cancelled because spending a week in Orlanda in the middle of November would have been a bit awesome. I imagined myself poolside with a umbrella drink. Oh well. Life goes on.

  • In happy travel news, I found an awesome deal on a hotel in the French Quarter for our trip to Louisiana in November. We're going out for my family reunion and I booked an extra day so that we can stay a night in New Orleans and go to Cafe du Monde and walk about. I am so excited.....Andy on the other hand is busy calling the airlines and making sure he can bring a gun with uptight about crime statistics, I tell you what.

  • A week from today, Jack will do his first overnight without me. I am nervous, excited, hopeful, guilty, and sad all at the same time. This will be the first time I will be without him since he was born, but I want so badly for it to go well. My girl's weekend is quickly approaching and I don't want to return from a wild weekend to find divorce papers waiting for me on the table. Andy assures me that he thinks the four days will go just fine, but I won't really feel at ease about it until this overnight thing goes really well. I wish there had been an opportunity to do this earlier, but with our schedules and Andy's dad and step-mom's schedule, it just didn't work until now. Jack please please do this for mommy. Don't give grandma and grandpa a hard time and just drink those bottles up and fall fast asleep. I know you can do it!
And that's what I got for today. Hope you all have an amazing weekend.


  1. Sorry about the work thing not happening...but Louisiana sounds fun! I've always wanted to go down there.

    Hopefully Jack does ok without you for the night...otherwise I sense you'll need a lot of wine to cope during our girls weekend. Who am I kidding..there will be wine no matter what.

  2. Bummer about the job thing not happening so quickly, but I'm sure another opportunity will arise!

    The French Quarter rocks!

    C'mon Jackers - do good for gma and gpa. I'm sure he'll be fine Nat!!

  3. We are doing our first overnight on Tuesday (it's our anniversary.. bowchicabowwow) I miss her already. :(

    BUT... Cracker Jack will be great and they will have a great time with him! My inlaws are coming to stay with Josh and Maggie while I'm gone for our trip and they can't wait, so that helps me feel okay about it.

  4. My husband can't even remember shampoo, let alone a gun (God help us if he of us would be out a few digits if he did ever get hold a fire arm).

    The little man is going to do great! Being out of touch with no cell reception however is not cool!

  5. There's a FANTASTIC breakfast place in NO that Dr Boy and I used to eat at when he lived there... Here's the website: You have GOT to try and get there. It's a line-out-the-door kind of place but so worth it.

  6. OK, so their website sucks but you can at google for the address. Two locations. Yum-tastic.

  7. I talked the Hubs into an overnighter this weekend too, as in he's taking the kids to his parents' house without me overnight and I am sleeping for 8 consecutive hours alone. Scared but fucking tired therefore excited.