Thursday, September 1, 2011


  • TVT couldn't have come at a better time. My brains are all messed up.
  • Jack started "solids"....and by "solids" I mean soupy rice cereal. So I was going to wait officially until 6 months, which is 13 days from now, but Tuesday was Jack's long day at daycare. Andy drops him off around 6:45a and I pick him up at 6pm. And, as you might have guessed, he barely drank any milk. Probably a max of 4 ounces. I had asked Pippa if she would be cool feeding him solids when the time came a few days before. But on Tuesday she asked 'are you about ready to start him on solids? because you might want to do that. He just has no interest in learning this bottle thing, so maybe it is time we move forward'. Really two weeks earlier than I had planned doesn't bother me (WHAAAT? Natalie isn't bothered by going off of the plan? Weird I know!). I had a box of rice cereal that the neighbor had given us, so I decided to give it a try Tuesday night. The experience was hilarious. I made his tiny batch of gruel, put him in his highchair (which I set up 3 months ago and which he only sits in when I am switching laundry over), affixed a bib, and started taking video. Had to get a real life documentation of how it summary, Jack went between fussing/crying yet still "ate". By "ate" I mean, he ingested approximately 1/12th of the cereal. The rest was deposited on his bib, neck, ear, hair, etc. I realized our days of easy are coming to an end. After just one feeding it became painfully clear how easy popping a boob out and filling up your kid is. No cleaning up afterward. No trays to wash.....although who am I kidding? I am a thinker so to expedite the cleaning process I laid Jack on the floor where Coby proceeded to "pre-wash" him for me. Meanwhile I washed off the tray and threw his bib in the laundry room. Haaa. Dogs are awesome.
  • There is something really fucking amazing materializing at work. I think it is too soon to really tell you what it is, but basically it is going to be AWESOME!!!! I got off the phone with my boss yesterday and had a realization that this might be one of the coolest things I will ever do. I mean I hope not. I hope it will only lead to awesomer things, but I realized I am about to turn 29 years old and I never expected to potentially do something this cool so early in life. Sorry for the ambiguity, hopefully all will go as planned and I will be able to tell you all what is going on. But for now just be randomly excited with me.
  • Andy and I got into a fight last night. Booo. Of course that had to come on the heels of me floating up in the clouds about this work thing. Just reinforces that whole idea that life is like a rollercoaster. You can't always go up. Fuck me. Don't worry, I think when we go through our "rehash" we'll conclude that it was a result of him being stressed with school, way too many beers, and a handful of other things. I am not saying our relationship doesn't need maintenance. Time to get out the gardening tools and clearing out the weeds. Or something like that.
  • I have been in kind of a friend desert. Emmicakes is busy with Lucy and thus has had no time to return phone calls, texts, or e-mails. I had to breakdown and call Pickle's mom to make sure everyone was still alive and well over there. I still hang out with my neighbor about once a week, but we don't have a whole heck of a lot in common, so while we have fun for the 3 hours a week we hang out, I can't really see it going places....oh by the way, in case you are wondering, hanging out with her last week was totally not awkward at all. I ended up not going to her birthday party, but that was due to a last minute change in venue from a restaurant really close to our house, to one about 45 minutes away. I couldn't justify going all the way there to spend an hour before I had to come back to feed the babe. She was totally cool about that and we decided instead her and I will go see a chick flick this weekend together.
  • Back to the friend thing. Basically I have been hanging out with Andy's sister a lot. Which has been awesome, but well I don't know. I just still have been feeling lonely when it comes to friends. I was chatting up Oak about it and she said 'be patient, this has happened to me several times, you feel like you have no friends and then bam all of a sudden friends appear'. Long story short, Oak is a prophet. Like 42 seconds after she told me this (not the actual time frame) my friend Nick from undergrad tells me he got a job in Denver. Granted I haven't seen him in 3 years, but I just know it won't be long until we're thick as thieves again. So Nick arrives tonight! Talk about a quick response to my problem right?
  • This weekend is going to be CRaaaazzzzyyy! It is First Friday tomorrow. All the art galleries along Santa Fe stay open really late and tons of people go down there to hang out. Obviously we're going to that. I am taking Nick to IK.EA to buy a bed set before First Friday festivities kick-off.....someone is going to check out a sectional she's had her eye on for a while.....I am not telling who that would be. Saturday is free day at the art museum and I want to take Nick on a walk all round the city so he can get acquainted. Sunday we are celebrating my birthday with Andy's family....and since I am the birthday girl-to-be, I got to choose the activity.....and I chose ROLLERSKATING! Ahhh my family is so patient with me. That's right peeps! I am going rollerskating. FINALLY. For the first time since I found out I was pregasaurus....doood! where did that come from? that was AWESOME! pregasaurus!!! I am a genius!
  • Sunday night is potentially chick flick night and then Monday is hanging out with crazy grandma day. Nick is invited to all of the above events, but I might have to give him some heavy warnings about Monday's festivities.....he will be on his way back to SD in no time. hehehe.
  • I might be going to D.isney Wor.ld. Gotta love TVT so random. Yes, so if you see several bullet points up where I ambiguously talk about work, there is a training seminar taking place for a week in November and it just so happens to be happening at a hotel right next to Disn.ey I am not a 12 year old....but at the same time I AM! because as I looked at the D.isney W.orld website yesterday I started getting a little excited like a 12 year old kid. I kept thinking 'well if I am there for a whole week, I mean I have to go'. I have never been to Dis.ney Wo.rld. Just Dis.ney Lan.d. Mostly I want to see Epc.ot...oh and I found out in my googling that the week I am there is the Int.ernational Fo.od and Win.e is that fate or what? Get this! They have a 3-D Dessert Event...I don't even know what that means, but considering it costs $55 a person, I am assuming it means lots of fucking dessert. I am not confirming that I will be doing this. Part of me was thinking 'can I really get $55 worth of dessert in that time frame?'. Practical Natalie thinks it would be better to spend that $55 on several dessert filled days. But I can't deny that I got pretty fucking excited at the thought of going to an unlimited dessert event.
  • And with that delicious gem, that's it for TVT. Have a great Thursday peeps!


  1. I love reading TVT, but it's really hard to respond to everything. I'm here reading though. Can't wait to hear about what is materializing at work! :)

  2. Um, dood, I'm afraid of your brain right now, are you sure there's not more vomit in there?

  3. I started Penelope on rice 2 weeks ago and she hated it, so I started her on the smashed sweet potatoes and peas and whatnot. She seems to like it more...but man it is messy! Maybe I should have our dog lick her when she's done too..never thought of that, haha. Have a fun weekend!

  4. That's awesome about your work! Can't wait to hear more. Have a fun weekend!!

  5. I second what Josey said, ha! So in summary, yay for the good things and boo for the not so good things. I have my fingers crossed for your work deal though.