Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Toast To RockStar!!!!

I am so glad this day is here! Because keeping this shit quiet has been hard yo! Our girl Josey is preggos! (after a very long hard IF struggle). But today she is moving into her 3rd Trimester!!!!....well according to some resources... everyone says different things about counting and what not. Whatever. We're just going to come to a consensus and say HAPPY 3rd TRIMESTER JOSEY!!!!!!oh and ROCKSTAR!!!! In honor of this day, we've decided to "throw" Josey a RockBlogiShower.....I have been trying to come up with a good word-mash and that is my favorite. See her blogi friends are all over the country and since we can't throw her a real in person shower, we thought let's do a blog-shower....I mean a ROCKBLOGISHOWER!

Josey we are all so happy for you. We were here with you mourning all your BFNs and crossing our fingers each cycle. Your BFP was a BFP for all of us. You and Charlie are going to be such amazing and wonderful parents. RockStar couldn't be luckier.

This shower will satisfy your requirements because it is impossible to play cheesy shower games via the internet. Since we can't play the melted-candy-bar-in-the-diaper game, I will just sit here and eat a snickers instead....good compromise (don't worry, I am not failing my last post already.....I am sitting here eating grape tomatoes and trying to tell myself they are M&Ms....yuuummmmmm...sigh....I wish they were real).

Okay here's where I talk about Josey:

Josey kicks ass. She is probably in the top 10 of the coolest people I know. Now, not to brag or anything (totally bragging right now), but I have actually met Josey. In fact we hang out like all the time (we've hung out twice). We braid eachother's hair (we've never braided eachother's hair) and she's told me that I am her absolute favorite blogger in the whole world (she has never told me this). Additionally, I got her pregnant (I did not get her pregnant). See we met up when she was in town for her IUI. I was pregnant at the time and my super magical belly worked its magic on her uterus and voila! her IUI worked. Totally all because of me (not at all because of me). I have it on pretty high authority that if she has a girl she is going to name her Natalie (this is not true at all) because she is so thankful that I got her pregnant. In a few short weeks (this part is true) Josey and her RockStar filled belly are going to be spending four days with me and several of our other bloggy friends. But I am pretty certain that Josey is going to want to share a room with me (actually she probably won't want to share a room with me because I am a snuggler and I will snuggle her....awkward!) again because I am her absolute favorite (no I am not). We are going to skip around holding hands (I don't think she can skip right now, she might pop) and singing songs together (um this part might actually be true, it is hard to say, shit is going to get craaazzzyy).

In all seriousness though (I am never serious), Josey we all love you! Those of us who are about to get a shit ton of uninterrupted time with you and your belly are so excited! You are the greatest cheerleader any IFer could ask for and I just hope I have given you half the encouragement and reassurance that you have given me through the last twoish years. I am so happy your dream has come true and you're going to be such an amazing Mommy!

Now as part of our RockBlogiShower, we're all supposed to post a picture or link to a onesie that we're sending's the deal. I am making yours. And I was all on top of it, until I realized that I am out of time. Fail. But it is going to kick ass. And your other shower presents (because I promised to make you cloth wipes and give you some other items that we had a ton of) are all ready to go. But as I mentioned I will be seeing you in 15 days (HFS 15 DAYS!!!!!) so you will get to see it/them (I have a tendency to get carried away and I may have bought several onesies....and I have lots of cute you might get several....ooopps) very very soon!

Happy Blogishower darling. We love you!


  1. First off, I <3 snuggling, so snuggle away. ;)

    Secondly, you ROCK. Am I correct in assuming that you designed the kick ass icon for this ROCKBLOGISHOWER?

    I can't wait to see you in two short weeks!!!

    -ps, you're funny. Did you know that? :)

  2. Dang, you are responsible for getting her pregnant too? :) That needs to become your new job, just travel around to people suffering from IF, and just your mere presence will knock them up! Wouldn't that be nice...your post rocked by the way!

  3. Okay, I literally laughed out loud throughout this entire post! "LOL." Thank you! :)

    And your little boy is so darn cute, he looks like he's going to be a comedian like his mommy!!

    BTW I'm Josey's favorite little sister if you didn't know, not just some rando.

  4. I have it on good authority (my own) that Josey is DEFINITELY a snuggler. No, for real. We spooned last year. It was cute.

  5. You totally crack me up :)

    Would it be weird if I rubbed your lucky belly when you're not pregnant?