Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Girl you've got to move

I have been a little afraid to post. I am doing ICLW this week (a horrific job at it by the way) and I didn't want to push my post further down. But whatevs, people are techy they can figure out to click here and see my ICLW post.

So you guys might recall like forever ago when I said 'hey i am going to work on losing 30lbs over the next 6 months!'....yeeeeaaaahhh. Well...sooo....ummm. I am doing a bad job at it. I have avoided the scale for the past month, ever since I got back on and it hadn't moved one pound.....of course, in my body's defense, I didn't do anything to help facilitate that.

Basically the conclusions that I have drawn are thus. Breast feeding will get rid of your baby weight. It took me a little over 6 weeks or something like that to be at my approximate pre-baby weight. Not too shabby. That extra weight I had on there before the baby though, yeah breast feeding isn't doing anything for that.....well considering how shitty I had been eating (mmmm cookies) technically breast feeding was still a miracle worker. But it wasn't taking more off. So I am stepping it up. As of last week, I have started moving my ass....oh and doing a little thing called watching what you eat. Well kind of. I still like food, but I am trying to balance eating things I like, with eating lots of salads and vegetables and what not.

I think I will still stay away from the dreaded scale for another month. Basically my goal at this point is to start getting good habits going. I don't want to discourage myself by looking at the numbers.

In other news, my birthday present arrived. I pooled my money and, after consulting with Oak, decided to get a DSLR. Turns out it was a good thing I asked her advice because I was about to buy a slightly fancier point-and-shoot, when she told me basically to "go big or go home". Well that isn't really what she said. Basically she just said it would be a better investment to get a DSLR that would actually produce higher quality pictures. That sort of thing. So I went on a search for a DSLR of my liking.

Now you should know I am extremely cheap. EXTREMELY. and I like seeing my dollars sitting in my bank account. Nice and safe, right where they belong. But sometimes I am too strict with myself. Like for my serger, I saved gifts from my birthday and christmas to be able to buy a machine that I could have paid for in two weeks. But I apparently still hold high the value of saving for something makes it worth it. I don't know, it is strange.

Basically I picked out my DSLR and then spent three days bemoaning whether I really wanted to click that "buy" button. Well I did it and then spent the next 8 days bitching about how long it was taking to get here. Ahh silly me. Well it arrived yesterday! I was so freaking excited...then realized I couldn't do shit with it until I charged up the batteries. *sigh*. Well I plugged that bitch in and when I got up this morning it was ready to go. So you better believe tonight is going to be craaazzy!

Now I only wish I hadn't been so freaking stingy and bought this camera a year ago because all of a sudden Jack's pictures are going to be drastically better. Eh whatevs. I guess that gives kid numero dos (we're talking future kid numero dos in case you are going to be like 'OMG!') will have something special - quality newborn pictures. He/she needs something. Jack has a journal from while I was pregnant and I still keep writing entries, he has two baby books (um better update those), a custom made nursery (I will do my best for the Deuce on this front), custom onesies, the list goes on and on. So I guess the Deuce will be able to say that his/her newborn to 6 month pics were the best...and hopefully we'll have footage of that birth. I still kick myself that the video camera was sitting on the tripod in the living room and we didn't get anything. sad panda.

Oh I almost forgot to show you the camera. FAIL!
Now before you're all 'Natalie you just bought that camera because it is red', let me stop you right there. Um yes, that is one of the reasons. But there are a few reasons. I did some googling and Pentax supposidly (still need to try this out tonight..will report back) built their DSLRs to be compatible with their old-fashioned SLR lenses. The online forums said that most of the companies switched the threading or some shit, so peeps would have to buy new lenses. When I turned 16, my mom took me to a pawn shop to buy a Pentax K-1000. She had a K-1000 and I wanted one just like hers. So she got me one for my birthday. As you might imagine that means Pentaxes....Pentaxi? whatever...are a scosh sentimental to me. Combine that with the fact that I might be able to use my existing lenses with it, and the fact that it was red....um it was just fate that this should be my camera.

Andy was all 'yeah get it!'. and then told me a day later that a red camera is going to be obnoxious. But whatevs. I will wear my red converse and drive around in my red subaru and carry Jack in his red car seat and I will have my red pentax hanging around my neck. Oh and my toe nails are painted red right now too. There you have it. I am nothing if not color-predictable.


  1. That's because red is awesome. As far as weight loss... Well I had to get explosive vomiting and diarrhea to lose some weight but now it has me motivated to keep it off and lose more. And no I didn't spell diarrhea right. Thank you autocorrect.

  2. Sassy camera! I love the red. And no reason to get on the scale. Buy clothes that look good on you and forget that dreaded scale.

  3. Who-hoo!! Welcome to DSLR land. I have so much more to learn about mine, but I totally love it.

    Good luck getting the lifestyle change going to lose some weight. I'm just slightly afraid for that step post RockStar delivery. Yikes!

  4. Yea, I am convinced that I may gain more weight while on maternity leave then while I was pregnant. Sitting at home all day now and what to do...feed the baby, change diapers, and eat a bunch of high calorie crap.

    I can't wait to see pictures :) Have fun with the new camera!

  5. Very exciting! I can't wait to see some pics with the new camera. I am trying to read some photog books now because I have a sweet Nikon DSLR and I just don't know how to use it. I took a 2 day class about a year and a half ago and remember about 20% of what I learned (fail).

    As for weight loss...I'm failing miserably at that as well. I need to use your post as motivation and get my ass in gear!

  6. Oh Yay! How fun. That camera looks way cooler than mine... should have done more research!

    Can't wait to see the new pics!

  7. Girl you can do it! I'm loving my BBL workouts....they're fun and they WORK! I'm not really dieting per se, and it's slow goin'....but I'm determined! My original goal was Oct 15th for Navy Ball...but now we're not going to that, so I gave myself a little more time bwahahaha! (But I also figure I should get to my ideal weight before we start trying to get preggo again rather than packing more onto what's already here....and yes, we're already talking about #2....but not until after Christmas at the earliest!)

  8. Good luck with the weight loss! Make sure to pass along any useful tips you discover. I seem to have hit a plateau already myself. Apparently the days of big guilt-free bowls of ice cream are over. How sad that nursing babies can't suck all the unwanted fat out of us! We should totally get that as payoff for giving them life.

  9. Welcome to the wonderful world of DSLR! I hope it lives up to your expectations and I can't wait to see the photos you take :)

    As far as the weight loss, I was sort of on the same program you are [i.e. wishing and hoping but not really doing much about it] and then I got pregnant. I'm trying to keep my weight in check so that post-baby it won't be as difficult. We will see how the next 23 weeks go :) GOOD LUCK!

  10. Red is the new black. Your camera (and shoes and car and nails) is fabulous!