Thursday, August 4, 2011

TVT Button

I know this seems like an "organized" kind of thing, for an un-organized activity, but I just couldn't quench my desire to have some sort of official button for Thought Vomit Thursdays. Since Oak just posted this hilarious picture of her Mac-n-squeeze, a light bulb went off. It is the perfect picture for Thought Vomit Thursdays. So here we go.

Do I have to do anything official to turn it into a button? How does this internets thing work again?


  1. Meh, there are lots of ways to do a button, but assuming you don't move your blog URL, people can just right click on the pic and "copy image URL" to insert the pic in their blogs without using up space over and over (this works best if you have the button in a "gadget" on the right sidebar). Or, people can upload the pic themselves to their blog picasa album and link to it over and over from there.

    Love the pic bTw, totally perfect for TVT.

  2. Love it! I'll be vomiting bullets this weekend for sure :)