Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thought Vomit Thursday

Bam! Here we go:

  • Work trip turned Family Vacay - Woohoo! We're going to Oregon next week and it is going to be fucking AWESOME! I have always wanted to take Andy with me on my work trips up in the big OR. The clients we meet with up there are so rad there aren't even words to describe them. Quick example, it's my first trip up there with my boss, we went out at the insistance (word? who fuckin cares) of the client, client encourages me to drink like 5 cape cods (this is the trip I learn that a cranberry juice and vodka is called a "cape cod". aren't we snotty now?), my boss drinks like 10 beers, the client and his wife out drink both of us, several hours later boss and I are in the rental car trying to concentrate really hard, we have a very ridiculous conversation about how we should have decided who the DD was before the night began. We make lots of wrong turns trying to get to our hotel. Stupid one-way streets! Hilariousness drinking and driving is bad....don't do it. So that was our first trip, and the subesequent trips after that only got better. Luckily we started going to a brewery within walking distance of our hotel....note, we don't necessarily walk better than we drive while drunk. Picture my boss and I in the hotel lobby at 3am talking to a group of uber-crunchy home birth midwives (about a year before the conception of Nugget, but well into the throws of TTC) VERY loudly. My boss was slurredly describing how he and his wife used the Bradley Method and I was slurredly saying that I "like TOTALLY am going to have a home birth someday". The only thing I remember was the midwife saying 'you can catch your own baby' when I said 'not sure if my husband is up to catching the baby though'. Hippies!. Needless to say, Andy is going to have a great trip. Jack is going to be saved from having to starve for two nights while I am working (yeah bottle feeding, not going to well), and after the "work" part of our trip is over, we're tacking on a mini-vacation which will involve driving up the Oregon coast. It's okay you can hate is going to be awesome. And then culminating the trip with a stay at Kennedy School. The client's wife recommended it since I told her I was a nerd for Historic it has a brewery on site. Score!
  • Making this trip means two things: first, we have to go get Andy's textbooks this weekend since we won't have time next weekend. Second, we won't be able to do the "practice days" at daycare. Hmmm. I think it will be okay. Worse case scenario I will leave work early on his first couple of days. My boss is cool like that (see above) so I am sure it will be no problem.
  • As you might imagine, I am hoping Jack's Daycare we'll call her Pippa....and that's because that is what she wants to be called. No idea why...I think she said something about it being a German name for a person who cares for babies? Damn I am a bad listener sometimes. Anyway, I am hoping Pippa is like a shaman of bottle feeding and Jack will all of a sudden become a regular bottle feeding baby. The biggest issue is because in October some shiznit is going down in the big C.O. There is going to be this awesome girl's weekend that will involve a handful of liberated mommies. I don't want to be the party pooper and bring a baby.
  • Jack is teething and/or growing and it is painful for him. The little fella did not have a good night last night (Tuesday Night) and in turn i did not have a good night. About 3:30a he started crying. I place boob in his mouth. He = not hungry, just pissed. I change diaper. He = pissed. I try to rock/soothe/put finger in his mouth to rub his gums/ give him a dropper of tylenol. He = pissed. Me = awake. I tried laying him back down to see if he just needed some good old Cry It Out...nope. Pick him back up. Strip off his pjs, sing him a Beatles song, and decide he is going to sleep next to me the rest of the night. That seemed to work.
  • That fun night meant that Wednesday morning (Today because I am starting my TVT'll see why) I needed some MAJOR caffeine. FYI I don't drink caffeine often. I was thinking a grande iced chai just wasn't going to do it, so venti it the time I got to work (30 minutes later) I had called my Dad, then my grandma, and then my Dad again (scheduling a family event for Saturday). At some point I said "he loves it!" when my dad asked me something about Jack.....then I realized I had no idea what he asked.....shit! And I still don't. Hopefully it never comes up again.
  • Caffeinated Natalie is fucking hilarious. I type really fast, speak even faster, jump around on projects like my pants are on fire, basically I am hilarious. I have gotten a lot done today, but at the same time I probably could have been more efficient, if that makes sense.....probably not because I am still a little hopped up.
  • I realize typing this TVT on Wednesday kind of breaks the rules, but Aaaahhhh I got you! there are no rules to TVT. You can write it whenever you want. You can post it whenever you want. This is the best invention ever.
  • To top it all off, I had an appointment today to get a message. Yeah there is nothing like trying to relax whilst hopped up on chai. Whatever I am probably the loosest caffeinated person there ever was.
  • Our office is moving on Friday. So starting Monday I will need to go to a different building. note to self: don't drink caffeine on Monday. What this means for me is that it looks like Hoarders up in this joint. I took a picture on my phone of the pile of recycled paper that needed to go out and the boxes stacked almost to the ceiling. I totally feel claustrophobic trying to get to my desk. Not good.
  • I think I have run out of Thought Vomit. Hope you all have a great Thursday. Peace Love and other Shit.


  1. OR sounds awesome, and Jack needs to start lovin' on the bottle, b/c Momma needs to be able to love on the bottle in Oct!

  2. I, no joke, just sat here repeating the name "Pippa" over and over again. Awesome-sauce.