Monday, August 22, 2011

Thought Vomit Thursday on Monday

Suck it bitches! There are no rules to TVT therefore I am posting one on a Monday. It is sort of like my version of burning my bra. Only I am pretty sure those peace-lovin' bra-burning hippy chicks cursed less than I do.

  • First off- I am still alive. Sorry about the radio silence last week. I was traveling for work turned vacation and then the weekend. Therefore this is kind of my TVT for last week, but it includes shit from after Thursday. Whatevs, no rules 'member?
  • Oregon- Rocked my face off. It was gorgeous. The coast = breathtaking, the beer = endless. Got to meet Bret's fiance (is it two e's for chicks or dudes? I can't remember). WHAT? Bret has a fiance? (you might be thinking) That is a story for some other day. Saw my cousin and her husband who is home on R&R from Kuwait. Stayed in a super classy hotel (more on that later this week.....requires photo downloads) and did a super cheesy touristy thing.
  • Jack and I got sick during our trip - Boo. We were both feeling like shit Friday-Sunday. But after a LOT of sleep (didn't get out of bed until 1pm yesterday) we're both mendin' up reel nice like.
  • Jack rolled his saucey-little rolley-poley ass off the hotel room bed while I was working. Andy felt horrible! Proof that tough guys still turn into softies when their kids are hurt
  • Today is Andy's first day back to school, THUS Jack's first day of daycare, THUS, I have ants in my pants THUS I am posting this TVT on a Monday. No cohesive thoughts coming out of this head today. I can barely do my are looking at the proof of that right now. I am counting the seconds until it is time to go get him. I KNOW he is fine. I just.....well I am antsy. I am antsy to lay my fingers on his cubby little tummy and give him kisses.
  • Um what else is there really? That is all I can think about now.
  • I promise to recap the trip, first day of day care, etc. this week.


  1. Poor Jackers - he's not the first baby to do that, but I'm sure glad he's okay!!

    Glad you had a good trip - I need to get the hell out of CO soon. God I love traveling.

  2. I'm just waiting for Mac's first tumble!

  3. Good luck with daycare! Sorry to hear that you guys were sick during your trip. :(

  4. I'm just waiting for the first time Penelope rolls off the bed! So far she hasn't, but she has banged her head on the side of a dresser when rolling over because I laid her mat too close. Ugh....the guilt!