Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Alps

So a couple of Sundays ago, we took a day trip to Switzerland. Let me tell you the hills were definitely alive with the sound of music.....what do you mean you don't believe me that we took a day trip to Switzerland....okay fine. It was Colorado, but it was so beautiful and it felt foreign because it was the middle of July. In Denver it was 97-some degrees and here we were walking through snow.

"Hey check it out Jack, snow! What do you think?" - Mom
"Eh it's not a big deal"-Jack
"But it is snow and it's July!" - Mom
"GAWD Mom you're so annoying, just let me play my XBox!" - Jack

By the time we passed this stream on the way back down, Jack was pissed. He was crying, LOUDLY, but when we got to the stream he stopped and calmed down. Perhaps it made him want to pee, just like it did to me.

Pausing at Mitchell Lake. Keep going? Or turn back? Eh, let's keep going.

Wait a minute....where are we? This looks like Switzerland

Looking back down towards Mitchell Lake

"Climb every mountainnnnnnn....follow every stream" wait what are the words? I can't remember

"Dudes this is way longer than the hike last weekend"

We made it! Blue lake.

Dad getting ready to take a half-nekid nap on the rock like a lizzard. He just shaved his head the day before when his hair started falling out. Don't feel bad for him though, he kicked our ass up the mountain.

'You did it dad!'. Dad was super tired after packing Jack up the mountain. I wore him back down, but believe me it was the easy job. If I had had to wear him on the way up, Jack and I would still be down at Mitchell Lake. Jack was being hilarious. Laughing and smiling. I laid him on the soft mountain grass and we played for a bit. Of course there were no pictures of that because my camera battery died. But it was a glorious day.

As for what has been going on since. We're teething at this here abode. So Jack has been doing a lot of this.


  1. That sounds like an awesome day trip. I can just picture you getting your inner Julie Andrews on while spinning and singing up there on that mountain.

  2. Love looking at your pictures! :)

  3. I can't believe you have access to that on a daily beautiful. Glad to see you are getting out there and enjoying it with your family!

    The denim bucket hat ROCKS.

  4. More pictures outside, further proof you're not a vampire. And Jack is too cute to be a creature of the night. Excellent trip, let's do it again in October.

  5. Do you know how much I f-ing love the Rockies?! Of course you wouldn't so let me tell you. I f-ing love the Rockies!

    I'm really jealous of your hiking.

  6. I was gonna say, Switzerland?? Dang girl! But still, your pictures are gorgeous and it sounds like you had a great time!

  7. Nice! I haven't hiked once this summer. So ridiculous! We need to plan a hike in October for the girls!