Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thought Vomit Thursday

Everyone seems to enjoy the whole "Wordless Wednesday" posts....well I don't for some reason. Wednesdays seem to bring out my wordiest blog posts. Maybe it is a subconscious rebellion to all you silent folks who want to post a picture instead of giving me something substantial to get me through to the other side of the work week. Anyway, I thought I would start something for Thursdays "Thought Vomit Thursdays". You know when you have 5-10 random thoughts, but it is almost Friday, you're kind of tired, and you're not really seeing how to make those thoughts into a coherent post? Voila "Thought Vomit Thursdays" are for you!
Here's mine:

  • Jack is 4 months old today. 4 MONTHS! Do you realize that means that I am only 8 months away from having to decide how to get out of throwing him a ridiculously cutsey birthday party? You read that right. I don't want to throw him an official 1st birthday party. I think they are ridiculous. They are cute and I am sure it will be unavoidable, but I don't think anyone will deny that having a 1st birthday party is really more for the grandparents than it is for the baby. Andy and I have already decided we have about two years before we need to buy Jack any real presents for his birthday and Christmas. We in fact have already decided we will wrap up boxes full of our tupperware and cooking utensils because for the first few years a kid doesn't really care too much about the present. That makes birthday parties awkward. Here you are a parent and your kid is like 'um I am going to look everywhere else but at the present you are holding in front of my face saying 'ooo look! isn't this Soooo coool?'". Therefore I must establish a plan to avoid a 1st Birthday party. And my initial idea is to go on vacation. Let the grandparents celebrate if they must, but we will be out of town....and so will Jack.
  • National Debt Limit - Okay I don't really want to go into politics on my blog, but seriously people are we ever going to take responsibility for our spending? When will the government stop and really think about what they are doing spending us into the poor house. Guess what? America isn't going to be a great super power if we are primarily owned by other countries. Okay I am getting off this soap box before it gets out of hand. I know what will probably happen, they will pass the debt limit increase. But it is time we insist the government listen....nope seriously getting off the soap box.....damn it is hard to get down from here.
  • Cube farm - So our office is moving in a few weeks. Not far away...we are literally moving like 1 mile just so our address is in the City of Denver. A group of us went to lunch yesterday and stopped by the new space. I was all excited at first to see what kind of "inspiring" views we might have and what not. The result? Utter disappointment when I realize it will just be another cube farm. The upgrade for me will be I will have a view of a window through the window of my boss's office. So that is something.......a sad something. *sigh*
  • Productivity/multi-tasking - I have decided i could get more done if I looked like this at work:


  1. Ef me dude! That cartoon ROCKS. But up, you know that computer is actually to blog not to work. Stop lying.

  2. Totally agree with you on the birthday party and the debt. All you really need for a first birthday party is a small cake that the child can make a big mess out of. Who needs presents after having that kind of fun?

    As for the debt, my eight year old was going OFF about it the other day. His views on politics are hilarious. Now he wants to write a letter to the editor. Awesome.

  3. I'm for sure stealing Word Vomit Thursday. Plus also maybe Word Vomit Friday, Word Vomit Saturday, Word Vomit Sunday....

  4. My apologies.... THOUGHT vomit Thursdays. Sounds much better. Well done, you.

  5. Just letting you know I have given you the Versatile Blogger award! I love reading your word vom :) Congrats!

  6. Hah! Love the word vomit, good stuff. I TOTALLY agree with you about 1st birthday parties- its never for the kids, I always thought it was a celebration that the parents kept the kid alive for a whole year.