Monday, July 18, 2011

Mid-Life Crisis Thanks Dad

Dad just purchased a 2008 Mustang Bullitt and while I am not traditionally a fan of new mustangs I have to say I am totally cool with this one..... because it is pretty zippy. And this mid-life crisis/sieze the day purchase means I get to drive it sometimes.

Andy and I both took it for a spin yesterday and it sparked the discussion that we need to just hurry up and buy my dream car. After a bit of animated chatting though we relaxed back down to the original agreement which is to think about my dream car after he is done with school......but it has me dreaming. So let's take a quick look.  

Hello beautiful! That's right peeps I'm going old school. '68 Chevelle SS. That is my dream car. And someday she will be mine....o yes....she will be mine. Color yet to be determined, but this one is pretty hot. So this sparks the discussion. What's your dream car?


  1. I love it! Good for your Dad :)

    Mine is a white 2011 Ford F-150...I've always had a weak spot for pick-up trucks...

  2. So NOT where I would have thought Amanda was going.

    Porsche 911 4S. And my coworker just bought one making me realize I hate him and life would be QUITE different if I didn't have four mortgages, student loans and a child that is in daycare for essentially the cost of a fifth mortgage. ;)

  3. I'm pretty much in to any car that is big enough to sport 2 car seats and has an ass air conditioner.