Friday, May 13, 2011

One week down.....a-bagillion to go

So my first week back went great! I did think it was kind of hilarious that as I left I turned to MJ (I refer to Mary Jo as MJ, FYI) and said "one week down". Like I am counting down to something instead of up.

Did anyone else's blogger go on the fritz and delete posts that you were working on? Mine did, boo. I had a super long one that was just a few revisions away from going up and I went to check on it today and all that was there was the first sentance I had written a week ago when I started it and then decided to come back later. Boo. Oh well. I'll rebuild it eventually. Instead I will keep this one short by telling you a tad how this week went.

First off, time goes pretty quickly (thankfully) when you pump. I found myself tucked back into the "nursing mom" office at 9am, noon and 3pm. Pumping at work is super awkward. Especially when there is a meeting table just on the otherside of the wall and you can hear the conversation. Ergo, they can hear me pumping. Whatevs. It is also super awkward running into people on your way to the break room with a bag of milk in one hand and your pump parts (specifically the cone parts that touch your boob, because it is obvious what those are for) in the other. I find myself blushing when this happens. I tried to tell myself that it is no different than carrying a gallon of milk around, but then you might feel awkward if you saw a cow carrying a gallon of milk and you probably wouldn't feel normal about stopping to talk to her at that time.

Second, a new girl started this week.....well she started but then she is off for two weeks while she does a study abroad program fun!. So while it was cool that I had company, she won't be here next week, boo again. But she is awesome and I look forward to getting to know more about her. She definitely helped keep me going since all three of the other architects were only in the office on Monday and then they were traveling the rest of the week.

Andy did awesome. He was struggling with some self-doubt on Wednesday when Jack decided to regress back to not taking bottles. But he is super freakin' cute with the baby and it surprised me that when I got home he still wanted to hold Jack and be right near him at all times, despite having spent the entire day with a mad crying Jack. I was imagining walking in the door and getting a baby handed to me as Andy walked out of the house for a "decompression" drive. Not at all what happened. I fed Jack and then Andy held him while I went to the bathroom. When I came back and asked if he wanted me to take him back he said "no I want to spend some time with him now that he is happy". That was what happened on Monday and Andy has been engaged and attentive to Jack every night regardless of how he did during the day. I love this man.

Okay I will leave it at that. Hope you all had a great week!


  1. Ya, definitely not the same as walking down the hall with a bottle of milk, but whatever..they just need to deal with it :)

    Aww, Andy sounds like such a great dad!

  2. Blogger was all screwed up the end of last week. Boo.

    One week down already...exciting!! :)

  3. I'm so happy for you that your transition back to work is going smoothly! And that's awesome your hubby is doing so well. Sean is doing great in his new daddy role too. Isn't it cute to see them all googly eyed over their baby? Yay!