Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh Yeah. The Most Critical Part

I know it is hard to believe I forgot something in yesterday's post considering how freakin' long it was. Geez. Apparently sleep deprivation makes me even more verbose and jumbled up than normal. I tried re-reading it for spelling errors and I just had to give up. Hope you will all forgive the next few months years of posts. Someday I will regain my ability to write cohesive posts.

So the most critical news that came out of my office visit on Friday was that after I talked about hoping Andy was ready for 10 hours of Jack my boss said the following: "well if you change your mind and want to bring him in sometimes that is fine with me". No ambiguities there. I don't think I can misinterpret that one and it made me really excited. I told him that I might start bringing him in on Fridays since I work half days and so if he has a hard time adjusting to sitting around the office, he will only have to do it for four hours before we head home.
Even though he told me outright, I think I will verify with him later this week and make sure he is really okay with me bringing Jack in on Friday. I think it would be awesome. I would totally work a couple extra hours on Fridays too just to make sure I get all my work done. Plus it might be good for Andy to have a few baby-free hours during the week.....his first day was a little turbulent.

Let's just say Jack is still stubborn about the bottle. Of course my first night was a little crazy as a result. Jack decided to keep close tabs on the boobs from the moment I got home. So while last weekend he was sleeping, IN HIS CO-SLEEPER! woohoo!, from 11:30-4am and then from 4:30-8:30am; last night he decided he needed to be right next to me and if he wasn't nursing he had his face right against my boob and his hand on top holding onto it. It was kind of hilarious except for the fact that I basically only got 3 hours of sleep and not in a row, boo. C'est la vie I guess. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks he won't feel the same urgency to nurse from the second I get home to the second I leave for work. Maybe once he get's the idea that I will be coming back each day......but babies are unpredictable. For those of you still able to sleep, grab a couple extra hours in my honor. Man it is times like these I wish I liked coffee.

Okay as promised here is the funny letter my co-worker sent with the baby blanket last week.


A little something to keep Jack warm during Denver's cold summer months. Hope all three of you are doing well. I was bummed that Michael and I were out of town when you and the little man made your visit here to the office. I hope to meet him sometime soon. We all look forward to seeing you again upon your return, but I would imagine you are none too anxious...

Let me know if there is anything we can do to help ease that transition....some suggestions:

  1. I could cry when hungry or tired to make you feel more at home...
  2. We could install a baby monitor in Michael's office....never sure what you might hear...
  3. We could get a stroller and you could push Charlie around on your walks with Mary Jo (he seemed to be the lightest one of the bunch... in fact just bring one of your strollers, he just might fit)
  4. We are all willing to take naps....at a time of your choosing...heck, maybe multiple naps if necessary
  5. We can modify our West Wing music selection to be more "infant friendly"
  6. We will begin to refer to all restroom breaks as "going potty"
  7. We will have cartons of baby wipes conveniently located throughout the office, because I'm sure you've come to realize that those are worth their weight in gold
  8. At lunch meetings we can all wear bibs and eat with our hands (just to help prepare you for Jack's exploration into "solid food")
  9. If you miss carrying Jack around, you could occasionally go and pick up Charlie and walk around the office...(again he probably only weighs a little more than Jack)...no need to ask if he's busy...just go in, scoop him up and off you go...
That's all I could come up with. Anyway, I hope you are having the time of your life. I'm quite sure you are a fantastic mom. Enjoy every minute of it. See you soon.


I was laughing so hard after reading it and it just reminded me that Kevin and I have a lot of fun at work, so coming back won't be horrible.


  1. Wow, that's awesome that your boss offered to let you bring Jack in on occasion!!

  2. Wow, so impressed that your boss gave you an option!

    Hilarious letter :)

  3. Fantastic letter. I made a foray into my working world today and it wasn't even close to as funny.

  4. Wow, that is awesome that they put that offer out there!!