Friday, May 6, 2011

First Doctor's Appointment

Jack had his first official Doctor's appointment, with Dr. McAwesome, yesterday. He is up to 11 lbs 5 oz,....sorry Oak our little fella is apparently an underachiever and has decided to stick with the 55th percentile. For those of you who don't follow Oak, her little fella was born three days after Jack and is an overachiever when it comes to growth.....I guess my kid is just average, sigh. Oh well. hahaha. He is also in the 55th precentile for height, measuring in at 22 inches long. It is weird to think that he is almost 2 feet long. That is like 1/3 my height. He doesn't seem like he is 1/3 my height....most likely because he still spends a great deal of time curled up. I love it when he is scrunched up into a little baby cute and cuddly.  
But the doctor was great with him. He said Nugget is looking great. We covered lots of stuff. We discussed the possibility of delaying vaccinations. In the end we decided to not be total hippies and to get him started on his DTaP and HIB. These days vaccines are all bundled together so separating them out is not really an option. My biggest reservations about vaccinating at 2 months is that he is sooooo little. And giving him so many different things at once seems like it has the potential to overwhelm his system. But the other side of the coin is that he is going to be in daycare starting the end of August. So the Doctor pointed out that he will be getting two rounds of vaccines (again at 4 months) before he starts which will give him a better chance of resisting the cesspool of germs and sickness. 
We will be delaying his Hep B shot. He doesn't need that for a long time. And I haven't made up my mind about the chicken pox vaccine..... whatever happened to letting your kid get the chicken pox? I remember my mom would take us over to people's houses so we could catch the chicken pox from their kids. I get that parent's are busy and I can see the point that if you could prevent your kid from having to stay home from school for a week, miserable and itching, why wouldn't you? But then again doesn't it seem like we're going a little overboard with vaccines? I don't know. We have a year before we have to make that decision anyway. What do you all think?
Yes I am a nerd and took pictures of Jack's first vaccine site.

Bugs Bunny Band-aid

Teeny tiny red dot. 

"Why are you taking pictures of this?"

So besides vaccinations we discussed whether I would keep him on breast milk when I go back to work, which I plan to. And we also talked about introducing solids. He recommends waiting as long as possible because apparently introducing solids too early can increase the amount of allergies babies develop. I am totally fine waiting until at least 6 months before we introduce solids. Mostly because Jack's diapers right now aren't stinky at case you're curious they smell like playdough to me. Hahaha. After spending the weekend at my cousin's house down in Albuquerque, I am all about postponing those exciting smells. They have a 10 month old and HOLY Banana Hammock, those were some stinky diapers. 
Alright enough with the boring talk of Doctor's appointment; onto some hilarious pictures of the Nugget!

Helping Mom with laundry. You can tell he's super duper excited about it. But it is hard to carry a baby and a basket of clothes. Thus combining the efforts Voila!

Getting lots of big smiles these days. Look at his round tummy.

He is probably laughing at my crazy hair or my leaky boobs or spit up on my shirt. One of those.

This is my most recent purchase.....okay he might still be a little too small for it. But I got it for cheap! and so of course I couldn't wait to try it I went outside and raked the backyard. He was super happy about it....for about 30 minutes. Then he was done. 


  1. I LOVE the laundry basket picture. I don't know if you have an official "laundry room" or not, but if you do that needs to be framed and hung in there. Sounds like you're taking things slow but smart in the vaccine department. Good move.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love him so!! And YOU are looking absolutely fabulous my friend!!

  3. Ha, Jack in the laundry basket - such a multi-tasking mom :) I love all the smiles!

  4. At least you don't have to deal with people asking you to make sure that your baby doesn't eat their baby. Like my baby is even eating solids yet.

  5. Looks like you guys are doing great - yay! And I also love the laundry picture! Isn't it crazy how small they are?

  6. LOL, love your laundry basket pic!

    Mom totally made sure we caught the chicken pox from the neighbor kids - and i STILL had to have the vaccine before they'd do the IUI. Craziness.