Monday, February 28, 2011

Preparing your Boss For Labor

It will probably merit little surprise, but in an attempt to be on top of things I decided to compose an e-mail on Friday to my boss. Basically it just said "here are the links to the files/projects I have been working on, this is the status of each of those projects, and here is a list of what I was planning to get done next week". He was in a meeting at the time, thus the e-mail, so I ended the e-mail with "don't panic! I am pretty positive I will be here all next week and probably the week after. I am writing this out just in case". Well as soon as his meeting ended, he tore over to my desk yelling "what do you mean?!!!!" (veins popping out on his forehead....okay maybe an exaggeration). I calmly explained that everything was fine, but there was no telling when this little guy will kick off the main event, so I wanted him to know what I have been doing in case I don't come back. Considering how on top of things he is, I am kind of surprised it came as a shock that it could happen at any time....what with this giant "in yo face" reminder residing on my front side. But I thought his reaction was kind of hilarious. I am resigned to the idea that now that I have given everyone fair warning....and done basically everything else I can think of to get ready for this baby...that Nugget will definitely be late. It's cool with me though, you know my plan.
This past weekend was pretty relaxing. Katie came up on Friday to go with me to my midwife appointment. She is going to be my birth companion (aka doula) so my midwife suggested she tag along so they could all meet and ask questions. Afterward we stopped at Dairy Queen, you know... for some broccoli, and then came back to our house to hang out. 
On Saturday Andy and I went out for brunch and then went to the grocery store. After that whirlwind of activity we just hung out at the house. Sunday was much of the same, except that we went to our Step-Sister-in-Law's birthday dinner in the evening. So pretty wild and out of control :). I guess it is nice to start slowing down my pace to get ready for this little guy, but I think I get a little more mentally prepared everyday.


  1. Wow, I can't believe you're in the final hours/days/weeks(?!) already. Exciting!

  2. I'm doing the same thing at work, I have notes written down, step by step instructions for areas of my job that no one know how to do, copies of files....I just want to leave things organized correctly for everyone while I'm on leave. I was hoping I wouldn't even be in to work this week but here I am, sitting in my butt staring at my computer and wishing I wasn't! haha.

  3. The old "work e-mail" really are getting close. I would send one every other day or so between now and the big event just to freak your boss out.

    Oh my how I do love me some Dairy Queen, yes I do (you know I'm shaking my head as I say this).

  4. Ha! I think that just shows how valuable you are... he is going to be lost without you! :)