Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amazing Day!

So much has been going on the past few days. Bret arrived on Thursday from Seattle. She ended up getting to our house later in the evening,....and I was already in bed  and I was in full-fledged party mode (ahem). She came down and we chatted for a bit. Lincoln gave the "get to bed signal" to her which consisted of the rankest fart ever. Of course that made us histerical. Bret jumped up and made her move to the door....I was trapped! Friday was a work day, boo, but I got off at noon so we made our way to Boulder for lunch and to pick Andy up from school. We had lofty plans for the afternoon, but ended up just coming home and relaxing.
Saturday was the day of our shower, so I got up and made Bret some pancakes before she had to take off to run some errands. When I got the mix at the store I didn't pay any attention to the brand, but when I noticed it, I realized I had grabbed "Hungry Jack". Which made me laugh. The truth was Jack was hungry which was why I was up so early making pancakes. Bret and I hung out for a bit longer and then she had to leave. I had lofty ideas that I would run some errands, pick up Thank You cards so I was ready to start writing them right away (overachieving nerd!), but I quickly decided I should just take it easy. I figured my ankles were going to be fat enough after the shower, I didn't need to increase my activity any more.
It started snowing and all of a sudden there was an inch on the ground. It was amazing how quickly it came down. I was a little concerned that might change the party plans, but it didn't. We arrived at Emmicakes and Dylan's house and everything was absolutely beauful! The cake was adorable! Emmicakes took inspiration from the fabric of the nursery curtains. Bret made the awesome call of ordering Panera broccoli cheese soup in....of which I ate two bowls hahaha. I have to admit, part of me was trying to think of ways to hide the crockpot so I could have it all to myself. But everything was absolutely wonderful. A TON of people showed up. My head was spinning a little trying to talk with everyone. It was magical. I really felt so loved and I forgot all about that one guy and my disappointment. These pictures are courtesy of my friend Jill. She was so sweet to take photos because I definitely forgot my camera. Ooops.  

Mmm Cake and the most adorable shoes ever.

Look Andy is having a good time.

Is that a smile?

The amazing Bret!

Pickle's parents and my "adoptive parents" of sorts. We had name tags and Bret put a line on it so people could say which one of us they knew and how. This was a great conversation starter for people who didn't know each other. But we realized that I have known Carol, John, and Pickles for about 21 years. Insanity!

Ugh stupid double chin, sneaking in there and ruining my face. Eh whatevs I am pregnant, I'll let it slide.

The reason we were all there.

The party favors, girls got tea cups with gummy bears, boys got beer mugs with peanuts. Genius.

If there was one thing I could have changed about the shower, it would have been to eliminate the gift opening part. It felt awkward making everyone stop and gather around so we could open our gifts. We just did what we were told and maybe people expected us to open everything in front of them, but that is about the only thing I would have changed....that and i would have eaten another bowl of soup. hahaha.

After the shower Bret and some friends came back to the house for our "wild" after party. Our after party consisted of drinking (for everyone else obviously), yatzee and stuffed jalapenos. What can I say? We know how to live it up. It was actually a really awesome evening though. We spiced it up by adding in lots of dirty talk and we played a few rounds of penis ring toss....let me explain. Bret bought a penis ring toss game for our friend Carla's bachelorette party and then I borrowed it for my friend Morgan's bachelorette. I thought there was no better time to bring it out again then the night of my baby yeah I know I am strange. Once it got to the point where I could no longer add 5 dice together, I knew it was bedtime for the preggo.

Sunday was supposed to be the day of the maternity photos, but due to the snow and cold we rescheduled them. After dropping Bret off at the airport (booo) I stopped at Target to get my thank you cards and some Dreft. You might be able to see where this is going? Yes, after writing up all the thank yous, I started doing laundry. For those of you who are already thinking 'what a nerd', let me just say that on Monday I hit 36 weeks. That is insanity. This baby could be here anytime in the next 6 weeks. If he shows up tomorrow, I wanted to have his outfits ready for him. That news is obviously accompanied by an increase in the urgency of my nesting. So I thought that I would start to sit back and relax once the nursery was done, we replaced the furnace, I got new tires on the car, and the major arrangements were made. Man was I wrong! Not only am I still nesting, but it is like a frantic nesting. I need to find a good place for these paint cans, Nugget can't be born into a house with paint cans just sitting around with no proper home. Yeah it is pretty much that ridiculous. I am trying really hard to just sit back and relax, just take everything in, enjoy these last weeks with a big old round tummy that bumps and moves. I can already tell this is going to go by way too fast.

But the most exciting news so far this week has nothing to do with me. My darling Steph over at Blawnde's Blawg announced that she's pregnant! Steph and I met back in December when I was in K.C. visiting my Grandpa Gumbo. We had Panera.....I am like a scratched record in this post, I swear I eat other things besides broccoli cheese soup....and talked about our journeys to conceive. Her journey was quite a bit longer than mine, but her outlook on everything was really positive and I just knew it was going to happen for her soon. Little did I know that her own little Nugget was snuggling in for a long nap right around the time we were meeting. I would take all the credit, but I am pretty sure it had more to do with her and JJ :). Anyway, I couldn't be happier for her! She is going to be one awesome momma. Congrats again Steph!


  1. Sounds like an awesome day - complete with penis ring toss...bring it on! I've also done 4 loads of laundry with dreft so I'm right there with you. At this point we're completely ready for Lucky with the exception of a changing pad and a few other little things. CRAZY shiz yo.

  2. What an adorable shower cake!!!

    So glad you had a nice time and I don't think you are crazy for already doing laundry. I am donly 26 weeks and have already started!

  3. I am all over a penis toss it. Would it be wrong to create my own at home version using any old penis I have lying around the house?? :)

    That cake is so freaking cute with those little shoes on top.

  4. YAY!! I'm so glad your shower turned out great. Hoping to be up to Denver in the next week or two to do my testing - we WILL get together this time, I promise!! ...not to mention, I'll have to get back up there to meet little Jack in a month. Craziness!!

  5. i intend to be in denver feb 18th, plan to drop in on you unexpectedly, so be prepareed and i expect you to have a clean house

  6. not a peep, i thought that announcement would get a rise out of you

  7. Oh Putz you need to work on your abrasive chauvinistic nature. That came out way too tame. My womanhood didn't feel threatened.

  8. Aww, thanks! Your shower looks like a blast and you look beautiful!