Tuesday, November 30, 2010


*Due to my extreme retardation I have to go back through and edit several mispellings. Awesome brain, I remember when you worked right.

I am sort of lacking inspiration....well that is not technically true, I have a lot to show you, but I want to wait and do it all at once. I spent my 4-day Thanksgiving Weekend busy as a little bee. I exercised my expert use of several power tools including a miter saw and a drill. I also used a hammer and nails, a screw driver, a paint brush, a level.....I was your regular "Do it Herself"er. Which made me think of my mom's pink tool box. I am pretty sure it had "Do It Herself" embossed on the case. Inside was a hammer and a box of tiny nails for hanging pictures, pink handled screwdrivers, etc. You get the idea. I think she got it as a present for Christmas one year, but now that I think about it, there is something that rubs me the wrong way about the "Do It Herself" kit. Like someone was saying "here ladies this is all you'll need, stay out of your husband's tools because all you'll be doing is hanging a few pictures or changing a broken outlet cover". Don't worry I am not getting all feminist on your asses. Because I also spent a great deal of time this weekend in front of my sewing machine and serger. Can I just say that my serger could possibly be the greatest most amazing item I have ever owned? I serged absolutely everything I worked on this weekend and I can't be certain, but I am pretty sure I had a goofy smile on my face the entire time as I watched the knife chop off the raggedy edges of the fabric before the foot folded it over and shoved multiple threads through it. It is just wonderful. I am pretty sure Andy was in the room talking to me and I said "this serger is my favorite" and he said "I remember when I was your favorite". So I had to back-pedal and explain that he was still my absolute favorite person, but the serger is definitely my favorite piece of machinery. It feels a little wrong to degrade my trusty Husqvarna this way. It has been my sidekick since I received it for my 17th birthday. Don't get me wrong, I still love my Viking and if I could have afforded a Viking serger, I totally would have bought one so they could sit next to one another and sing Swedish folk songs. Anyway, I am really getting off track. You know for someone who feels like they are lacking inspiration I can certainly blabber my way through a couple hundred words (chalk that up to my thesis).
So instead of writing about nothing (see above) I thought I would share some ridiculous things I have said/done the past few days:

  • I called Andy once I got to my car last night to let him know I would not be making a stop at the fabric store on the way home. The first thing out of my mouth was "buurrrr it is really cold in my car". About two blocks from the house I looked down and realized that the temperature knob in the car was set to 65 degrees (the coldest it gets) and the a/c button was illuminated. I started laughing so hard at myself that I feared peeing my pants. I got into the house and burst into laughter again as I explained to Andy why it was indeed very cold in my car.
  • Not once, but two times this weekend Andy brought me home a root beer from 7/11 when he ran out to get something. In my defense I was in full sewing mode, so my mental power was elsewhere. When I came to the kitchen (both times mind you), to retrieve said root beers after he returned, I stood there for at least a minute scanning the countertops and not finding the bottle. The first time I went to the fridge, then back to the counter before asking him where he set it. It was right in front of me. The second time he was in the kitchen and noticed me looking around. He said "are you serious? it is right here". Apparently my eyes can no longer decipher brown bottles.
  • I opened my Yoplait yesterday and despite my careful and slow coercion of the foil lid, a tiny bit squirted out and onto my boob. I turned to my coworker behind me and said "Dang it, why does Yoplait have to explode on you when you open it?". Without skipping a beat he responded "Probably because it is French". I laughed "It is their version of retaliation, that sounds like a French thing to do.....(imagine my poor French accent) I've got it we will make it so a tiny bit of yogurt explodes on the American's shirt when they open the lid (evil French Laugh)".
I know there are about a million other instances of silliness, but that is all I seem to be able to think of for now. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend following. I know I really enjoyed hanging out with my in-laws and snuggling under a warm blanket while we all watched an episode of "World's Dumbest Criminals". That was our way of resting between dinner and dessert. Hahaha.


  1. Do I become a loser if I tell you that Yoplait is actually owned by General Mills and that those evils Frenchies are really just Minnesotans sitting about a mile from my house? :)

    What's a surger? I could look this up but I am just not in the mood to do research due to my stupidity today.

    I'm in the mood to go to hulu.com and spread out on my couch.

  2. I just feel like this is the appropriate moment to tell you that I have the most badass tool kit you have ever seen in your life.

    It's pretty impressive.

    That is all!

  3. I've had moments myself where pregnancy brain is in full swing. I will open a cabinet in the kitchen and then stand there wondering what I was going to get...it's awful! haha!

  4. I HATE when my yogurt explodes on me! It never fails! Love all your comments though. :)