Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 Months

Yesterday Andy and I were busy lying around doing as little as humanly possible, therefore my 14 week post comes a day late. Nugget is busy growing, although still no real signs that he/she is in there. My belly isn't popping out yet and in fact this morning when I got dressed I looked pretty close to my pre-preggo self. Still a little extra padding, but my pants are feeling a tad loser, guess I am not as bloated today as normal. Or it could be that I went hiking with Dad, Big Butter and Dad's Fiance (notice my progress!). Despite that, I decided to wear a maternity top this morning. Last week I finally tested out my thrift store theory and wouldn't ya know, I made out like a bandit. MUAH HA HAAAAA! I ended up getting 6 barely used tops, pretty much all of them from Motherhood, and a kakhi skirt. It felt like a steal. I washed everything this weekend and decided today was the day to try one of them out. I definitely like not having to think about keeping my shirt down and walking past mirrors thinking I look a little stuffed-sausage-like in my regular shirts. This shirt is uber-comfy and to top it all off, I already had some accessories that went with it. So I actually look a little put together today. GASP! Could it be? A girlie victory? Well maybe it would be a true victory if I had put on some lip gloss and wore a pair of heels. We'll call it a mini-victory.
Anyhoodles, this week Nugget is peeing...eeeeewwww! I am glad he/she is isolated in their own little bag. It would be hard for me to think about pee freely roaming around my uterus. I am just going to pretend that by "pee" baby is just pushing water out of his/her parts. Because if I admit that they are peeing, then I have to admit that they are drinking their pee. So gross. Apparently he/she is the size of a lemon. Mmmm this makes me want lemonade.

Hey that reminds me. I haven't really felt any strong cravings. Maybe I am not really understanding what cravings are. Maybe they are just things that sound good at the time and not like 'oh my god, give me a cheeseburger before I kill someone'. I am sort of theatrical, so it wouldn't be a big surprise if I had that wrong. Nugget is moving his/her face around and making expressions. His/her body is growing faster then their giant head. Eventually you will look like a normal baby and not so much like a specimen from Area 51.
Take me to your Leader!

So I need to get better about drinking milk. I thought about it yesterday and realized I didn't have any milk yesterday! Yikes. Sorry bones. I am just imagining myself on one of those Bovina commercials when I am in my 50s talking about Osteoperosis. This morning I ran into the Walgreens by the train stop and grabbed a milk to make up for my total lack of milk intake. I have also been slacking on my prenatals. Talk about a pregnant failure this week. My midwife is going to put me in a choke-hold. Hahaha. That would be kind of awesome. Don't worry peeps I just paused on my blogging to pop the first half of today's pills. They make my pee look like Mountain Dew, even though I drink like 8 million gallons of water every day. That is kind of the only sign that there is something going on with me. I am drinking cup after cup of water like I just crossed the Mohave desert. Ah well, it is good for me and Nugget needs to practice peeing some more probably.
Let's see what other random ramblings can I throw your way. Oh yeah I started collecting some images for ideas. Ideas for what? you say. Well take a look.

Well as this is a post for the nugg, you've probably guessed that they are nursery ideas. And you're right. As cute as I find, what I call, traditional nurseries, I decided a while ago that my nursery colors are going to be red, black, and white (maybe grey too). Basically a room themed after the White Stripes, as Big Butter pointed out. As I started finding these pictures though I kind of liked the whole lime green, black and white thing should Nugget be a boy. I dunno, we'll see. We still have 6 weeks before we know which parts Nugget has, so I am not too anxious to start decorating the room. So, for now I am just collecting images. Well kids, I have to skeedaddle. I am off to Oregon tomorrow for the grand opening of one of my buildings, don't worry I will remember my camera (hopefully...better make a list). Oh yeah and tomorrow is my birthday. Shoot you'd think I had forgotten about that or something. Nopers, I have me a pedicure to show for the fact that the celebration has already commenced. Yep tomorrow I turn the big 22 plus the square root of 36. Yeah I am making people do math. Hey if you want to know my real age then I am going to make you work for it. So it kind of stinks to have to leave town on my birthday, but I choose to look at it another way, I am getting an all-expenses paid three-day vacation....I just have to do some work while I am there and I am leaving Andy behind. Sad face. Oh wells, I will be back for the weekend and we'll figure out somethin' to do together to celebrate. I hope everyone has a great week. I look forward to catching up on all of your blog posts when I get back.


  1. Happy early birthday!!!!

    I like math. Thanks for the mental exercise. :) I'll be 24 plus the square root of 25 just 132 days after you. HM...

    Safe travels, and congrats on your thrift store finds!!

  2. Happy birthday tomorrow! And hope your trip goes well - can't wait to see pics!

  3. Happy Birthday! No worries on the milk front, I'm drinking enough to keep the entire flock of happy california cows afloat so I'm sure I can loan you some of my vitamin d and calcium. Have a safe trip and explain "grand opening of your building" I don't feel like digging far enough back to find a post about what you do. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I cannot seem to get enough milk these days - I was always a milk drinker before but now I'm buying two gallons at a time and downing them no problem in a week or two.

    As for the belly bump - mine popped - a few weeks ago. haha. Sometimes I wish I could still "hide" it but I guess my body was ready to show off our baby sooner rather than later.

    I have been collecting ideas too for the nursery - I just did a big post about it in my Dreaming of Baby blog today.