Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bag of Randomness

No real cohesiveness today, so here we go with strange random (warning adult content, i.e. boys run! And probably Gucci Mama too):
  • Don't put on a long sleeve t-shirt and then try to apply deodorant in your armpits. You will have to change your shirt.
  • I keep smelling bacon. When I got off the bus downtown this morning I smelled it and just figured it was a restaurant nearby, but then I smelled it again when I got off the train in the office park. When I smelled it the second time I started to worry. What if I am having a stroke? Don't they say you smell buring toast or something? What if I smell bacon?
  • I found a Yoga Mama video on Netflix on-demand, so I tried it last night. There is nothing like watching a bunch of more pregnant women who are shockingly more flexible than I am, even with their giant bellies.....I am going to have to work hard to be more flexible. This seems so strange to me, that I have to work harder to increase my relaxation so I can flex more.
  • Does anyone know if it is bad to get waxed, ahem down there, while you're pregnant? It doesn't seem like it would be an issue, but I could be wrong about that.
  • My boobs have been living primarily in supportive restraints for the past 9 weeks, so I hadn't really noticed some of the changes. Obviously the size increase I noticed, but I hadn't really taken a good look at my nipples in a while. Well last night I caught a glimpse of them in the mirror and Oh my! See I have always had kind of small nipples (hey you had fair warning to get out while you still could). I didn't think anything of it. I just figured that I would have a baby with a petite mouth or something. Well apparently they are going to be accommodating. I think those suckers have doubled if not tripled in size. What's worse is my areolas have done the same thing. They are ridiculously huge, like almost tea cup saucer size. Okay not that big, but that is how big they look to me. Someone please tell me they don't stay this gihugegic forever? Please just lie to me.
  • Last weekend I finished my training at the Molly Brown House museum to be a tour guide. For those of you with cursory knowledge of Molly Brown (i.e. "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", "Titanic"), it is ridiculous how much substance there was to this woman that movies and plays obviously don't show you. What Hollywood distroying the facts? NEVER!. First off, her name was never Molly, that was just what the playwrite dubbed her because it was easier to sing. Her name was Margaret, or when she was younger Maggie. Anyway she was pretty much just full on kick ass. She was a suffragist and a proponent of labor laws, she was involved in pretty much everything imaginable from creating soup kitchens for miners on strike, to raising money to expand Denver hospitals. This woman wasn't just unsinkable, she was unstoppable. Anyway I am a big nerd for her now and I can't wait to finsih the book I am reading about her and start writing my tour. The biggest decision I have to make is whether I want to dress in costume. I kind of do just because I want to wear a ridiculously huge and fancy Victorian hat. Can I wear just the hat and then wear jeans and a t-shirt?
  •  Did you know before Nick Nolte looked like a crazy cracked out hawaiian clown, he was like a good actor? Me neither.

Last night we watched Cannery Row and not only was Nick Nolte hilarious, he was also, dare I say, handsome! Oh Nick what happened to you?

Hubba Hubba


  1. Your randomness posts are like a breath of fresh funny air some days, lol.

    For the preggo related questions: Pregnancy causes hormones to be released that make you more flexible as time goes on, so it makes sense that more preggo ladies are more flexible, but practice makes a huge difference too :) I was definetely better at yoga at the end with a huge belly than at the beginning. Sorry, your boobs will never be exactly the same, but my areolas have lightened and gotten a little smaller, and the nipples...well, I don't know that those ever go back, but you get used to it. Also, it is fine to wax. You get increased blood flow to the region during pregnancy (sometimes causes increased desire also) and so it could be more sensitive, but that's about the only thing different about it. Funny enough, you are not the first preggo Mommy with this kind of question, lol

    I want to come on the tour with you! We'll have to coordinate that sometime, sounds like a lot of fun, but you have to promise to be in costume for me :)

  2. I have gotten waxed twice - carry on.

    I have also been avoiding my boobs. I used to love my boobs. For D cups they were well proportioned with small nips. The nipples just keep on getting bigger and it makes me afraid for 6 months from now.

    I don't WANT big nipples.

  3. LMAO, you ladies are cracking me up. I've heard tell of large nips from my friends (and I suppose, seen quite a few as well) but it somehow hasn't hit me that it could happen to ME someday. :)

    Your random pics crack me up.

    Nolte = handsome? WTH?!

  4. Hey Natalie, I will be doing exactly what you described with VA benefits. I am excited to work with students on some level so I hope that part of it is a good fit.

  5. I always called my nips the super nips because they are always standing at attention, large & in charge - even for my small boobs. Going braless? Nope - not unless I want to see people staring at my chest. And now that I"m pregnant...how are they possibly getting bigger? What the heck? My child will NOT miss it's feeding station....