Thursday, July 1, 2010

Placenta Water!

You may recall this sad sad post (here) where I told you my best friend was ditching me in search of a master's degree out in Washington State. Not sure what makes her think a master's degree is a good reason to move across the country......oh....never mind. Well on Friday, I set off on Southwest Airlines to visit my darling Bret and see this state she refers to as "so beautiful" (technically I had already been there but I was so little I only remember the space needle). As you all know now, I had a little bit of news to tell her and I was determined to wait until we were together in person. I met her at passenger pick-up where we screamed, embraced and jumped up and down. Yes we are those ridiculous girls. I didn't want to tell her at passenger pick-up and then I didn't want to tell her in the car. So we drove back to her place and she showed me around. I started getting butterflies at the thought that I needed to say it now. We were standing in the kitchen she was getting dinner ready and I said 'sssssoooooooo....I have something to tell you'. She turns and says 'what? Are you pregnant?'. Then there was more jumping embracing and giggling. It was so happy and fun to be able to tell her in person.

Look how ridiculously gigantic my head is next to hers. This was right at Owen Beach in Point Defiance Park. We were just about to climb a gigantic hill up to the trail so I wanted to get a picture before.

Anyhooser the trip itself was amazing! We had such a wonderful time. On Saturday we went to Point Defiance Park and walked around the paths, talking about just about everything under the sun (and yes some stuff about babies). The Taste of Tacoma was going on at one end, so we worked our way there and had some yummy snacks for lunch. Then we made our way back to the car by way of the beach. It was just absolutely beautiful. It was sunny and warm. And yes that thick green lush landscape is really beautiful like she had said. We must have walked 5 miles so we came home, sat in the living room and recouperated. Then we went in search of dinner. And meeting up with Bret isn't complete until a stop is made at Panera. We found one! Woohoo. After yummy soup in bread bowls we headed back home for a movie and then bed.

The Sound
Corned Beef Sliders, yum!
Of course I had to have a picture of this handsome guy.
On Sunday we set off for Seattle. It was Gay Pride weekend in Seattle, so we made our way to the parade route to watch. It was a ton of fun and there were so many people there it was insane. After watching for about an hour we walked up to Seattle's Best to grab a hot chocolate. It wasn't cold that day, but it was overcast and just perfect for wearing a t-shirt and drinking a hot chocolate. As we were making our way up the parade route to find a way to cross, we found a Qdoba truck that was giving away a free street taco and a coupon for a free street taco meal. Awesome. So we had a little snack, found our way across the street and walked down to Pike's Place Market. After walking around the market we decided to take our chances at finding a Qdoba. Might as well get free lunch. Sure enough we stumbled upon it. Awesome! After our yummy free meal we walked up to the Seattle library which was designed by Rem Koolhaas. I remember when it was first built and featured in Architecture magazine. I really wanted to see it in person back then and it definitely didn't disappoint. Of course, I have heard it is not at all functional as a library, things are hard to find, etc. But it is a very interesting building.
It just so happened that my cousin from Spokane was in Seattle that weekend visiting a friend of hers, so I got a hold of her and we decided to walk over to meet her for a little while. Turns out her friend's apartment was about two miles away, but whatever we were feeling good. We rested in their living room for a couple of hours and chatted with my cousin, and a big group o' gays. They were hilarious. Since I had to be at the airport really early the next morning, we decided to head out. The walk back to the car seemed to breeze by, but it was wonderful seeing so much of Seattle. I think between Saturday and Sunday we walked at least 10 miles if not more.
"The Gay Team" hahaha.

Pike Place Market
Seattle Library
By far the best part of the trip was determining how freaked out Bret is by the idea of the placenta. Apparently a friend of hers just posted pictures from a water birth and her husband was sitting behind her in the pool. Bret kept going on about how all she could think about was the placenta getting entangled in his chest hair. At first I was like, 'what are you talking about?'. When I explained what the placenta was and that she was thinking of the fluids inside the sack, we started coming up with all these hilarious sayings. If you're telling a story about a bad situation you could say '....i mean it was bad, not as bad as placenta stuck in your chest hair, but pretty bad'. I would shout 'Placenta Water' at her. She would say 'placenta tea'. When we got home, she had to check in with work, so I decided to google placenta. I always imagined it to look like a giant kidney for some reason. Luckily she was in the other room and I told her 'wait until you're ready before you google it'. Well I got a post on my FB yesterday that said 'I thought I was ready, so I googled it.....I wasn't ready' or something to that effect. It made me roll over laughing.
Experience Music Project: By Frank Gehry

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