Thursday, July 1, 2010

Building on Fire

I am trying to catch up here real quick. Much to report. When I got back to the office on Tuesday I found this:
I was pretty sure that I had only been gone for a day and there wasn't a memo last week about a remodel of the building. Come to find out that one of the offices in the building caught fire on Sunday night. Thank goodness I was gone on Monday because my co-workers reported that the smoke smell was so bad everyone had a headache. No way to not tell you co-workers your pregnant if you are running from the building screaming. As you can see a huge cleaning crew was there and has been here ever since. They have been pumping fresh air through the building and cleaning everything. I was sure to scrub all surfaces and have been meticulous about checking again to make sure. They have been testing the air periodically and swear that it is safe. It is quite the operation. Obviously no one was hurt and they got the fire out quickly.

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