Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Christening the Grill

This is actually from a couple of weeks ago, but I have been living under a rock as far as my blog is concerned. So now it is time to catch up. I was reminded about a month ago how life used to be back when people traded goods and services instead of cash. Last September a friend from work got married. I was basically her unofficial wedding planner because I am a crazy organizational freak and because I had probably the most cost-efficient wedding ever.... okay technically that isn't true, we could have gone to the courthouse. I should say we had the most cost-efficient 150 guest wedding of anyone I've known. How is that for covering my bases? Have to stay truthful here. Anyhoo, so I know a few tricks of how to streamline the wedding planning process and find good deals. We spent months of lunch hours looking through magazines, going to craft stores, and compiling lists. Plus, since I know a thing 'er two on the sewing machine I made her veils, altered her wedding dress, hemmed three of her bridesmaids dresses, and delivered her cake and cupcakes. This looked hilarious by the way. It was a warm day and the wedding was two hours east of Denver, so Andy had the cake in his lap, I had the a/c blasting hoping the 300 cupcakes were going to make it in the backseat and trunk. Not to mention during the actual wedding I was the unspoken "coordinator" of events. Anyhoo, as a thank you, her mom and her delivered a quarter of beef to us a few weeks ago. That's right, my wedding coordinator services warranted 1/4 of a cow! Wow that is flattering. Her family obviously raises cattle and they are all super sweet. We've only seen her mom and dad a handful of times, but they keep telling us to just come out and stay at the house (we camped out there one weekend last summer). Her mom literally said 'Morgan doesn't have to be here, you guys can just come anytime, and if we're not home just come on in and make yourself comfortable'. I thought about taking her up on her offer when we were driving home from Texas in March. We passed the exit to their place at about 3am and we were so tired I was ready to just walk right in and curl up on their couch. But at that point in the 16-some hour trek we were almost home.
For the exchange, Morgan's little sister met me in the parking lot outside a Cost Cutters after work and we dumped two giant coolers of white butcher paper wrapped packets into the trunk of my car. I joked with her that it looked like a coke deal. Anyhoo, this big ole long story is basically saying a couple weeks ago we lit the grill and had our first steaks. Mmmm delicious!

Andy lighting the grill. Even though I got the quick light Kingsford charcol, that supposedly doesn't need lighter fluid, he still prefers using lots of it, boys!

Concentrating on the beef

Andy hates having his picture taken, so he is always making silly faces. Here's his 'i am hiding from you shyly' face. Ooops spoiler alert, here's a sneak peak of the patio. We are in the process of leveling all of the stones right now. And we have to edge it and fill in the spaces, but as soon as it is done I will post the whole process.

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  1. Mmm...nothing better than fresh beef that you know where it was raised! I'm hungry for lunch now...