Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Don't See That Everyday

I am working my way back to Denver as I write. Okay well technically I am sitting in the airport hold room waiting to be loaded on the plane, but I am in the process of working my way back to Denver. This was an interesting trip, mainly because the last week and a half have been insane at work. Today was the first real break in crazy stressful project momentum and for perspective, it started at 4:30am when I had to get up and go to the airport. I am so worn out from the past couple weeks that if I wasn't typing this I would probably fall asleep and miss my flight because I would be unaware when they started boarding. It was nice to spend the day here though. It was a gorgeous day. I was more than a little nervous because, since I have been stuck on another project, I kind of lost track of what was going on here. Turns out all my worry was unfounded because not a whole heck of a lot happened while I was MIA. After I landed the local architect took me out to this fairly new artist development nearby. We ate lunch at the cafe there, quickly passed by a pottery co-op that his friend works at, and walked around the shops and gallery. It was just a nice breather between craziness and this project.

Okay point of the post: Since I am doing site visits now I have been traveling with my hard hat. I knew when I carried it into a busy Pre-Memorial Day airport that I would most likely turn some heads. But I didn't expect the comments. The first one I got was in the line for security. This gentleman was trying to inconspicuously to point me out to his wife, but I noticed the pointing. So then he says loudly 'where ever she is going, she is going to need a hard hat'. Yep! it is true. I thought about making a smart ass comment about the plane going down, but thought that would cause unnecessary panic. Isn't that illegal at an airport? I can't remember. Once I arrived at my connecting airport, a fellow behind me said 'you don't see that every day'. So I turned around for an explanation. 'A girl with a hard hat'. So I smiled and responded yeah probably not. Then he had to follow that up with 'what do you do?'. I do like the fact that I was breaking stereotypes, but I feel like more ladies should get out there with hard hats.


  1. we were just in st gerge for my boy's bike race, he came in thrid>>>are you by any chance lds?????

  2. just left us hanging!