Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names

I am still alive, just very very busy. Here's some fragments of information that I don't have the brain power to turn into an actual well-thought-out post. Sorry peeps. It'll be over in a week.
  • My roller skates arrived a couple weeks ago! Since then I have been skating around the house while Andy watches TV. I would say while "we" watch TV, but I am too busy skating to really pay attention. I've decided I need a bigger house....or to knock down all these pesky walls so I have more skating room. I will own probably the only 1957 Ranch Skating Rink.
  • I went to Derby practice last Sunday and kicked ass! During the scrimmage I got to jam which was awesome. I also grew enough balls to introduce myself to one of the other girls....granted it took me until the end of practice to do it. But yay for my balls!. Her name is Deanna and she wants me to call her with the information for the next bout at the Fillmore....which in my mind means we will most likely meet up at the door and watch it together. Yay for friend-making. Rumor has it try-outs for the teams are coming up in August. If I buckle down and go to all the practices until then, I think I will be ready. This is definitely my sport.
  • Flagstone patio building is going well. I have a post started with progress photos, but I didn't want to break it into several different posts, so you'll have to wait until it is entirely done. But it is coming along.
  • I just started reading "The Red Tent", which my acupuncturist recommended (if you haven't read it you should!). So far it is really good, but the story about Rachel being super distraught because she was unable to conceive, made me do some introspection. When I got off the bus last night I thought to myself 'if I can't have a kid then my life will still be good, I am not going to define myself by my ability to have children'.
  • Bret was in town last weekend for a family get together. But I was able to take custody of her on Sunday evening through Monday morning for some BFF time. It was so good to hang out with her and catch up in person. I am still planning to go visit really soon, of course now there are no flight deals to be found, but when I looked before she moved a round-trip flight was $150. Now it is almost double. It is like they know that I want to go there. They are taking advantage of my friendship needs. Makes you wonder how in-depth their market studies are.....are they watching me on FB or something?
  • Andy and I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately, thanks Netflix! Most of them have been about foreign countries: Afghanistan, Congo, California....just kidding, seeing if you're still paying attention. Anyhoo, obviously the documentaries have been covering some really horrific events or issues, but somehow they have inspired me and I am now itching to travel. I talked and talked to Andy about how we should get out of America for a while. We both wish we were heading to India in a couple weeks for my bud Ashima's wedding. We just couldn't swing the cost this year, but it doesn't help dull the desire to go. Don't get me wrong, I love America. It's my homegirl, but there is still so much I want to see and do. So I have been day dreaming about living elsewhere. I blame my friend Matt, who is living in Tunisia and posts pictures on FB of all his camel-riding adventures.  A-hole!
  • I think I am running out of random things that don't involve projects at work.

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