Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop licking the structural steel

I woke up this morning unable to breathe, I was totally stuffed up and my throat was dry and sore. The root cause?....I blame the New Mexicans. That's right this morning we had mud rain...err rather we had mud rain all through the night and this morning, which apparently caused my noise to get all upidy and decide to get stuffed up. Anyway, I am thinking it is New Mexico's fault....or I guess it could have been Nevada's....or really any state with dry desert like conditions that cause the wind to blow and populate my beautiful clean rain with muddy sand....and no it couldn't possibly have been Colorado's fault. Even though we are dry and do have a few areas with desert type conditions....nope not of those other states. Anyhoo. So I opened my airways enough to make it to work, but then this strange metalic taste filled my mouth. Just like I had been licking on a steel column or something. Now don't get me wrong, I just love a good steel column to lick on, but I try to only do it when I am feeling particularly anemic. No matter how much water I have tried to guzzle, this silly taste won't go away. I went to extreme measures. Do you remember Blow Pops? Yeah it has only been about fifteen years since I had one, but apparently they still make them and a co-worker stocks them in her come-be-tempted-by-the-sweets basket. Well I figured it might help. I am not a big fan of Blow Pops. I mean they are okay, but I hate the gum. This is why I always preferred the Tootsie Roll suckers. Because it was just the best ending to an already great beginning. But the gum, stupid. Whose idea was that anyway? Well it worked for a while, but now the taste is back. Next plan of attack....Qdoba. That should do the trick...I hope.
Onto other random notes, our flagstone is coming tomorrow! Of course just in time for it to most likely rain all day Saturday and Sunday, but regardless I am super excited about it. Just one step closer in my quest for a metal porch glider. Which makes me think it is time to start thinking up my game plan. I need to research and list all the possible antique and architectural salvage places in and around Denver. Having a list and being able to elminate the locations where  a glider can not be found will make it much easier to zero in one...or at least that is what I am thinking. If there are none to be found in the vintage marketplace, then the next game plan is scouring the newspapers for estate sales and auctions, the last and final step is to start stalking little old people. I could follow them home, peak over their fences while they are busy watching The Price is Right.....this is of course the last case scenario, but still good to have a plan of attack. I was talking to my BFF's mom about the search...don't worry I left out the part about stalking old people...she is the one who said I could inherit her glider and chairs, but again I don't want to wait and it just seems morbid to me. Anyhoo, she told me that her mother saved and saved to buy the three pieces. I believe she bought the couch first and then saved up $5 to buy one of the matching chairs. But by the time she saved up the $5 for the second chair the pattern wasn't available. So the second chair doesn't match, but I love it more because if that. I am assuming if the chair was $5 the couch was probably no more than $15. Now this of course was a time where her husband only made $25 a week or so, but still. We're talking about one day's pay for the chair and I am thinking he was a blue collar fellow. So in comparison that might be somewhere around $50 today. I would be a lucky duck to find a glider couch and a couple of chairs for anything less than $700. We'll see though. Perhaps if I found the right old lady who needed some extra scratch to die her hair blue or play some slots....oh how much I wish my grandma had these types of treasures, she would be easy to negotiate with. Just have to hold out a couple rolls of pennies and say the words "Let's go to Vegas!". She'd be butter in my hands.

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  1. I HATE when you get that random taste in your mouth! It always happens to me when I am on medications...