Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Being Girlie 101

I am pretty sure I have mentioned a time or two how I lack the certain genetic coding that many girls seem to be born with. You know the coding that enables you to do your hair without having crazy frizz, or that urges you to keep up with the meticulous hair removal program, or that allows you to always have time to put on make-up and dress like you're put together. Yeah that gene got a little mutated in me. I mean I do okay. Don't get me wrong, it isn't like you're going to spot me on the street looking a total least not every day. Well I set a little not so secret goal of getting in better touch with my girlie side now that I have all this free time.....can someone show me where the free time is stored, I can't seem to find it. Exercise 1 was to paint my nails, toes and fingers, and try to keep it up. I painted them on Sunday and they looked good for work on Monday, then Monday night I went swimming and some of the paint on my fingers chipped off. It wasn't so horrific that I couldn't survive through I did. Then I meant to strip it off and paint a new color for today, but I ran out of time to do that last night. So this morning at 5am I decided to do a little touch-up i.e. dabbing globs of polish on the spots that were chipped. Genius! You could barely tell. Only problem was I still needed to get my lunch together and my clothes and things (because I rode my bike). Good news is, riding your bike is an excellent way to dry your wet finger nails in the morning. Bad news is, they didn't really survive to make it to the drying on the bike ride part. My nails are definitely smudge city today. I still think they look a little better than before when they were just chipped, but definitely not the improvement I was hoping for. Oh to make my efforts even more hilarious when I got to the bus this morning, not only did I still smell like nail polish, but both of my hands were also bleeding. Poor cute man sitting next to me, looked more than a little confused. hmm what do we have here, girl in a bicycle helmet, wow her nails look freshly painted, wait why is she bleeding everywhere?. I am not assuming that is the order he thought those things. Maybe it was: girl in a bicycle helmet, holy crap she's bleeding! at least she painted her nails to detract from the blood. Why was I bleeding? Because we raked the back yard up on Saturday and even with gloves on, I still managed to tear open both of my thumbs. Then when I rode this morning aparently gripping the handle bar encouraged those spots to crack open and bleed like it is their business. Good news, I don't need blood thinners. It is definitely hard to show off your first attempt at being girlie when you are bleeding. Does someone have a guide book I can read to help me figure this stuff out?


  1. OMG Natalie, LMAO!!! Can I just say, I love you! My hair removal program is pretty iffy as well (my poor hubs) I have every intention of shaving my legs tonight, I noticed yesterday that my "stubble" (not really stubble when you can braid it) can quite possibly be seen from across the room.
    BTW: Girlie rule # 3 always wear pink somewhere on your body (does not matter if it is it can be seen by others) it helps to boost girlie chi. really... I'm not joking :)

  2. *if it is it... that is awesome! I should try proof reading.

  3. I am always joking that I am a total girl failure. I can't remember the last time I even THOUGHT about painting my nails!

    This post just seriously cracked me up!