Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Isolate the mayo between the turkey

So as most of you can imagine, the last two and a half weeks have been a tad...well a nice way to put it would be regimented (ahem boring!). My routine consists of dragging my sleepy sorry butt outta bed, oh, well that is after unconsciously taking my temperature when the alarm goes off the first time and then pushing snooze (thank goodness for thermometers that save your temp for when you are actually awake to read it otherwise my temp reporting might say "unicorns" instead of 97.7). I rush to get ready in approximately 15 minutes. I love to get as much of my measely five or six hours of sleep as possible. Yes this means I usually leave the house with a pony tail, no make-up (told you I was bad at being a girl), and very rarely a put together outfit. Then I let myself listen to my iPod for the 10 minute ride downtown on the bus, but once my butt hits the seat on the train, the book is opened and studying commences. Then there is work, lunch (compose an entry), work, afternoon phone call to hubby, work. Back on train for book time. 10 minutes of iPod on bus. The dinner, half-hour sit still time/talk to that guy that lives in my house/pet those creatures that are always leaving hair and dirt all over the place, sometimes work-out for 30-60 mins (....sometimes), shower, crawl in bed and study until 11 or 12pm (I know, I know, I should go to bed around 9 to get my prescribed hours of sleep, but seriously there are just not enough hours in the day and unfortunately sleep is the only place I can steal more time from).  Anyhoo, as the title of this post suggests, one of the ways I found to cut corners is to get my lunch ready at the same time that I am making my dinner. I am so close to not being conscious at all in the morning, that I either completely forget to grab anything for lunch, or I manage to get a yogurt or something not at all adequate. Well last night as I was making my dinner turkey sandwich (yes I ate a sandwich for dinner, don't be judgemental it is better than ramen), a light bulb went off "if I isolate the mayo between the turkey it will not make the bread mushy and should last until lunch tomorrow!'. Genius. Okay obviously not the first person to think of this, not even the first time I have used this trick. But there is nothing like remembering an old standard trick to get you through another study week from hell.
It is officially one week from tomorrow that I will be ruthlessly murdered tested by this structural exam. Okay in all honesty I am feeling pretty calm about the whole thing, which is either a false sense of confidence, an indifference to the result (which I know is not the case), or a real sense of confidence. I am thinking it is the latter although I won't know for sure until I am there next Wednesday. Until then I am sticking to my regime until my brain either revolts by jumping out of my head (proof it has threatened to do this already is evidenced by my giant forehead) or it all starts sticking together in there in some sort of logical manner. If the former, this may be my last entry in which case, farewell my dear friends.
On a lighter (happier) note, Andy accompanied me to Longmont this weekend for some cute chubby baby cheek squeezing dinner with my awesome friends Katie and Teresa. As you can tell from my subtle crossed-out area. They had their cute little nuggets in tow, which means Natalie got lots of unexpected baby time. It was like a double dose of happiness to brighten my study blues. Charlotte and Grady are getting so big, granted last time I saw them Grady was three weeks old and Charlotte was a week old. But they have so much personality. Lots of giggles and smiles and in the case of Grady, grunting for mom to hurry and feed him more banana! Classic. This outting is exhibit two (or B, whatever system you prefer) as to why Andy is an awesome and amazing hubby. Because I had thought Katie's hubby Tim was going to come, misunderstanding on my part, and so I forced encouraged Andy to accompany me. Well not only was there no Tim, but we ended up eating dinner with Katie and Teresa's class of hypnobirthing students....which were mostly women...and the only two guys (besides Grady) were I am presuming someone's husband and son at the other end of the table. But Andy is a champ and ended up, get this one, having a good time! I know! (BTW Teresa, thanks for telling Andy that your kids have crickets, now I am going to be lucky if I can get him to wait until we are even pregnant to buy one let alone when the kid turns 5 years old). He thought the babies were adorable, although we are both so intrigued by how much Charlotte looks like Tim (only obviously more girlie) and it was a little strange thinking about how it was similar to holding a baby Tim, hahaha. Anyhoo so Andy had a good time and wasn't freaked out at all by the conversations going on around him about midwifery and hypnobirthing, etc. In fact he chimed in about wanting to get the garage ready for our home water birth....no I will not be doing it in the garage, even if he is technically right about the clean up being easier outside. Yeah I said he was right about something, but I am still not doing it. All I can imagine is the garage doors open and the neighbors seeing a giant white whale moaning and splashing about in a kiddie pool. Nope, nope, nope, none of that, it's gonna take place inside for sure.
So where are my pictures of this wonderful encounter with said friends and adorable babies? Um yeah, I did bring my camera, but it was in my backseat. Awesome! :(. Well all, thanks for being my link to the outside world for now. I am definitely excited to resume some semblance of a normal life. Very soon!


  1. Piece by piece, you're making it through!

    I'm jealous of the baby time and happy about your supportive husband - that's invaluable!

  2. We loved seeing you!!!! (sorry your future kids are going to be armed in the next week or so :) I don't have many pictures either, but will send you one of Grady and Andy signing the credit card slip, and one of Grady stripping Charlotte (naughty babies).