Friday, March 5, 2010

5QF - March 5th

So I love Mama M's Blog and every once in a while I will get my butt in gear enough to participate in 5 Question Friday. If you want to join in too. Head over to her blog, follow her directions and answer the questions on your blog. Simple! Okay here's this weeks questions.

1. What's your guilty pleasure?
Do I really have to tell you? Can't I just make something up and you can pretend to believe me? Ugh I am so embarrassed by my guilty pleasure...okay fine, I will tell you, but first put your right hand in the air and say this out loud "I (your name) do solemly swear, that once I know Natalie's guiltiest pleasure, I will continue to be her friend and not judge her too harshly because she is just a silly girl at heart anyway....and if I do not fulfill this oath, I will send her one million dollars in unmarked bills". Okay that should do it. So my guilty pleasure is that I am a little addicted to a certain teeny-bopper book series that rhymes with "highlight"! I KNOW! I am sorry, I can't help it! When my friends all first discovered it I was like "oh whatever, that is so silly, I can't believe you like those books, yada yada yada (nose in the air)". Well I joined a book club with my friend and what was on the list? you guessed it. So I thought "what the heck". And immediately got sucked in. And I can't stop. I literally read them cover to cover in days flat....and I am a slow reader normally. AHHH the shame!....and what makes it worse? I have promised to allow myself to read them again when I finish this last a sort of is just sick. I need help.

2. What is your favorite TV series?
"Designers!.....Make it Work!". That is right! I LOVE Project Runway! And it was on last night although I didn't agree with the judges liking the black and white number made out of paint liners (it was a challenge where they had to make an outfit using materials from a hardware store....normally they get to use fabric, but usually once a season they have to use "unusual materials") BUT I was so glad they picked the one they did, because he did an awesome job! AMAZING. he made a pair of pants out of trash bags and they looked like leather! It was insane. Anyhoo so yeah, Project Runway.

3. Can you speak any foreign languages?
Well if by "speak" you mean asking where the bathroom or the library is, asking for a glass of water, or saying hello....then I speak a few. But if you mean conversationally, then none. I am trying to learn Swedish, so I can say a few things, and then I took 6 years of Spanish and I can understand quite a bit of it...and in my head I can speak it, but when I go to put together a sentence I can only think of like six of the words, so I ususally keep my mouth shut.

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Sadly I do not have very many shoes (as compared to other women). Compared to a man, I definitely have more than I need. But let's face it, if we were men we would have a pair of running shoes, an uncomfortable dress-up pair, and if you're my husband two or three pairs of military-esque boots....and a pair of converse. And that's it. As for me, I have about 10 pairs that I love and adore enough to put them in their own little tweed-covered box with a door and a clear plastic window (I love the container store okay?...don't judge). Then I have about three pairs for running, two everyday pairs, (counting)....mmm I would say 20-25 pairs. Probably 5 of which I don't wear and need to go to good will, but I am stubborn and haven't done it.

5. What's your favorite kind of M&M's...peanut, almond, straight up regular, etc.?
I LOVE peanut butter M&M's they are definitely my favorite of all the M&M's. BUT whilst those are my "favorite" there has never been an M&M, ever, in the history that is my life, that I haven't been just fine eating. And by "just fine eating" I mean gobbling those suckers up like my life depends on it....oh wait..except for the dark chocolate ones. Those I can just have one or two and then walk away. Okay maybe after four or five of those. But other than that. hahaha

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  1. I didn't realize you had lost your mom too - I'm so sorry! Send me an email one of these days and we can swap stories:

  2. I love Twilight too! My husband even read the books with me. Seriously. Enjoyed your 5QF!

  3. I love Twilight as well! Laughed at those who were obsessed with it, and then read the entire series within a week. :)