Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Kid

I have an 9 month old. Crazy crazy town.

I think one of the weirdest parts to think about is that it has been 9 months since I pushed a watermelon out my hoohaa, granted he was a very tiny watermelon in comparison to like, you know, real watermelons and stuff. You will all be glad to know (or maybe you won't and will now want to wash your brain) that my hoohaa is doing fabulously. If this were the vagina monologues she would say something like 'baby? what baby? a baby came through here? when?'. Yep the lady business seems to be... well...just like before all this crazy pregnancy and birth activity. Well obviously minus the period aspect, but that is technically pretty normal as well.

So back to my kiddo, yeah he is getting big, yet he is still super small. I pat his little head every day and think 'wow your head is little'. And then he will do something new and I will be like 'you are getting so big'. So I am probably confusing him. Whatever, good thing he doesn't really know what I am saying yet...probably.

Let's see what has been up with the Jackster? He has started to dance. He is super into it to. Whenever music comes on...and I am talking whenever: intros to TV shows, the radio, whatever...he starts dancing. It is so cute. And I love it. It is probably my favorite thing about him right now because I to love to dance. Today I had a day dream about the two of us going to a dance class together and busting up the floor. Mom and son style!.....something tells me Andy won't be on board with that one. He is cool with the baby dancing, but there might be a point where he objects to my ideas of a family dance crew....whatever.

He is also into everything! Well he has been into everything for a while, but now he is like SUPER into everything like times 1,000. It definitely keeps you on your toes. We have now moved on from the "pushing stuff further away on the coffee table" to "there can no longer be anything on the coffee table". He really likes to put shit in his mouth and going in after it, despite having no teeth, is fucking difficult. That kid has iron jaws. I have figured out my technique which is to stick my finger in the side of his mouth which forces him to push whatever it is out with his almost works every time. Used to use the same trick on my horse to get the bit in his mouth. Who knew that would come in handy again eh?

The most hilarious new thing is that he is SUPER into food. I was wary giving him any solid solids (let's face it "starting solids" really just means "starting liquid food") because he obviously still doesn't have any teeth. But he wants my food like his life depended on it. So who am I to deny him...because well obviously he is the king of the household (shhh don't tell him, I am sure he has no idea). He gets super pissed if I don't give him a "bite" of whatever I am eating in between each of my bites. The most hilarious example of this is when I am eating an apple.

"You moving in on my rice?"

Now as you can imagine, a toothless baby can't do shit to an apple, but oh does he try. So I take a bite, he reaches for the apple and shoves it in his mouth. Gums at it for a second, sucks, gums, sucks, basically he just drools all over my apple. Then I get a bite again. Gee thanks! Then he wants it back again. I think he is just trying to be nice letting me have some bites of his apple. He repeats the not doing shit to the apple. Meanwhile he is laughing and smiling because he is like stupid excited to be....well nothing the apple. We repeat this process until I have eaten the whole apple.

The first time this whole apple-eating happened, I didn't give it back to him after my second bite. He went into a hulk-like rage. Clamping down his fists, yell/growling, and shaking until I got the apple in range where he could grab it and pull it to his mouth.

His hulk-like rages are hilarious. Most of the time it isn't because he is mad. It is almost as if he just has a burst of energy and has to let it out somehow, so he like growls and flexes and then 4 seconds later it is over. Usually it takes us by surprise, so we just stop and look at him. When it is over it hasn't even phased him just what happened, but it cracks our shit up, which makes him crack up.

His laughs are so awesome. I love his laughs. And he is getting sturdy enough to like toss him onto the bed and shit, which makes him laugh super hard. God damn I love this kid. He gives me so much joy. I am one lucky momma.

Now I recall reading in Dr. Sears that baby's development takes 18 months. It is 9 months in the uterus and 9 months out of the uterus. So what does that mean exactly? I have no idea. Maybe I should pull that book out and reread that section. Oh so that is a new thing right? I haven't read a book about babies since Jack was a newborn. Being an expectant/new mom, you want to do everything perfectly. But if I can give any advice, I will tell you, throw out the books and go with your gut. I know it seems like a scary idea, but believe me, your kid will be just fine.

So yeah, I guess (not surprisingly since I am a big hippie) I have taken on the "go with the flow" style of parenting. It has been a really long time since I kept track of when he wakes up for feedings in the night, mostly because I go get him in a sleepy trance and if I take the time to look at a clock, that would totally wake me up. I don't read in detail about where he should be development-wise, because honestly he seems to be developing just great.

He isn't walking hands-free yet, but he is cruising around the coffee table and bravely transferring his reach from the coffee table to the couch (so standing without support for half a second at a time). I quietly hold my breath every time he does this because I still brace for a fall, but he does it and then is like 'eh no big deal'. His days of bashing his head into things are thankfully over as well. That was a scary month (like 7mos-8mos) where he was hitting it on everything! Andy was ready to get him a helmet.
I can ride my bike with no handlebars....or at least walk while holding on. One of the two.

Let's see what else? He loves to swim. We went swimming on Sunday and he was hilarious! Kicking his legs and flailing around. I actually worked up the courage and dunked him. It was super hard for me to do. When I pulled him back up he was a little surprised, but didn't freak out or get mad. He was just like 'whoa....what was that?'. I did it one more time and he took in some water and coughed afterward. Again he didn't freak out, but I was like 'okay that's enough for one day (obviously talking about myself not him)'.

 Seriously adorable pajamas, they have little dragons and castles on them. Whaaa? I had to take a picture. All our stuff is hand-me-downs so I get excited every time I open a new box of clothes and see what is in there.

"Check it out mom, another baby!" I'd clone him in a second and give everyone copies.

I think that is about it. Not sure how we will celebrate the end of his external gestation. I think he needs a hat of some sort though. Because I love putting hats on him. Oh and shoes. Look out for a nekid picture of him with just a hat and shoes on. hehehe.


  1. Awh - love this Nat. He is getting to be so grown up, you're right! I'm laughing just envisioning his little self in a "hulk-like rage." :)

  2. This post makes me so happy. I love reading all of the things that he has been up to so I have something to look forward to as well. I too can only imagine his hulk-like rage, and you both stopping to stare at him, him finishing and realizing you are both staring at him, like "what? it's what i do". haha!!

  3. Happy 9 mths Jack! He's such a cutie. And I'm pretty sure when he gets older he won't be cool with Mommy and Me dance class either :) Sorry to crush your hopes :)

  4. I've been thinking a lot about the little man this week. As I was pulling out the little outfits you sent I was picturing his little body in them all cute and cuddly. I man or may not have help one up to my nose and gotten teary eyed. Happy 9 months Jack!

  5. I seriously can't get over how cute he is. His expressions seem so mature!! I can't believe how fast time is going...

  6. Ugh, YOUR kid's 9 months means MAC's 9 months is...on saturday. Yeah. Great.

  7. dancing AND swimming?! What a cool little dude :)

  8. Aw I love him. My kid isn't 9 months for another week and a half. Ha ha. JK

  9. Hah! I think we need to see a video of the dancing. Videos of kids dancing are the best, he could be a YouTube sensation!

  10. I have been meaning to comment on this post but I'm always on my phone reading through google reader...derp! Anyway, MAN is this boy getting cuter and cuter! And I can't believe he's standing and getting all around. So exciting! Penelope is still just rocking on all 4s but not moving at all yet. I'm ok with her waiting until after the Christmas tree comes down, hah!