Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fall off a Rock

Hello Peeps! Yes I am still alive. Sorry. I don't know what my deal is? And I am not even sure where I have been. It is like I was mentally kidnapped temporarily. Hm I suppose my brain has been going like a bajillion different directions at once: buy christmas presents, don't give in to Andy's mental terrorism to extricate said present ideas from brain....dudes he is a ninja. I am pretty sure I have told you this before, but seriously, I am reminded every year just how talented he is at 'negotiating'. I made the stupid decision to text "I'll never tell!" to him when he asked what I was getting him.....yeah that is dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. Luckily he hasn't like water boarded me or anything, but I wouldn't put it past him. He seems to be one of those people who just can't wait to find out what they are getting. Silly boy.
Anyway, so far so good. I haven't given in to his interogations. He might have me totally figured out because my face doesn't really lie and he did technically guess something I already bought him....but I deflected it, hopefully well, because technically we were talking about something else I was thinking about getting him and not what I had already bought him.....does that make sense? no. Whatever my brain is tired.

Let's see what's up in my world? Well we might be nearing the end of the massive frozen milk supply. That's right we are down to just two grocery bags full of frozen milk and my prediction is that it might not last until Jack turns a year. When I picked him up last Friday, I handed Pippa that week's pump results and she said 'oh awesome...but can you get me some more?'. Turns out Jack is over his bottle aversion completely and has taken to drinking about 16 ounces during the day....which is totally awesome, except I only pump about 8 a day, 10 if I am lucky. And yesterday.....oh fuck me, I didn't even get 4 ounces.

I am not quite ready to give up completely. I sent a bag of our frozen stash to Pippa today and I am giving one big push to up my production. Oak recommended Motherlove's More Milk Plus. Which I was able to get at my local natural grocery store. I bought the big bottle...go big or go home right? $30 later I am ready to really push this milk envelop and see if we can make it to March. Pippa is going to start giving him more solids and I am giving him more food at night as well to try to help.

More Milk Plus tastes like Jager.....or that is what I have been told. I don't like drinking things that smell bad, so I have never actually tasted Jager for myself. Until I started taking MMP that is. Anyway, every time I squeeze a dropper-full in my mouth I think 'just pretend you are at a frat party'....yeah that doesn't really help. I hate frat guys. They are stupid and their houses smell.

The company I worked for in NY got a job documenting and remodeling 8 fraternity houses. The buildings were gorgeous, all 100 years old or older and most of them were big stone mansions that used to belong to rich folks (holla for historical research! that was fun). Anyway, I was pissed off the entire time because the frat boys had basically ruined these houses. They smelled like vomit and pee and those were the cleaner ones. Could you imagine being one of the people in charge of cleaning a frat house? Kill me now. I would beat the shit out of those guys. Anyway.....I am sidetracked. Where are we?

Ah yes milk. Well I have decided it is okay if this doesn't work. If my production stays low and I am only able to give him little bits for the next couple of months, it will be okay. Maybe this is the way it is supposed to go for us. Honestly I was kind of worried about making the actual decision to wean, so I guess it is cool if this is the way things go. But we'll see. I will report back.

Hmmm what else is there to tell you? Oh! So for the Christmas presents for our parents and other people I didn't know what to get, I made some collaged photo prints....well technically the store is making them, but I picked out the pictures and selected where they are going. I am so excited about it. A few weeks ago I took Jack outside, sat him in the leaves in front of our house and took some pictures.

I contemplated taking him to a photo studio, but then I remembered I just bought a $600 camera and should probably try my hand at taking them myself. So I did. And it went okay. The biggest issue was that Jack was so mesmerized by the leaves he didn't want to look at me for pictures.....and there is pretty much drool on his chin in every one. But whatever. So for your viewing enjoyment here are some of my favorites:

I know I still have a lot to learn (I asked for a photo class for Christmas...so that will help), but I thought they turned out pretty well. OMG I have to show you these too. Because they make me smile.

Those are from our trip to Grand Junction. Jack was super stuffed up and sick that weekend. We were up every couple of hours. At 5 am we went and got in the shower to steam him out (apparently I need to travel with the Holy Trinity of Clogged Nose Resolution) then he was able to fall back asleep. And he was so precious, I had to take some pictures. Oh elbow dimples just kill me. I love elbow dimples.

Alright I should boogie. Hope everyone's holiday season is going well. Hapmerry Chrishanukwansolsticivous! That should cover it.


  1. I love jager. And tequila. It's been 34w since I've had a shot of jager. Or tequila. :)

    I've never been in a frat house b/c my college didn't have them. Weird, right?

    Jackers is so damn cute.

    Good luck with your milk!

  2. First of all, you said "Like" like a valley girl in your post and it made me laugh out loud. Second of all, Jack is so fucking cute. Third of all, its not tough to learn to use your camera, I have faith in your ability to read a book :) Fourth, um, I dunno.

  3. I say like all the time. I should really stop that. Maybe you could mix the milk shiz with actual jäger? Mmm jäger. I'm so awesome when I drink jäger. PS my phone is autocorrecting the accent on the a in jäger. I'm not THAT nerdy.

  4. Oh Jack is so cute! Great job with the pictures and good luck with your jager milk production.

  5. Elbow dimples! I think it's great that you have been BF/pumping for so long! You are a rock star!

  6. I just gagged THINKING about that shit. Gross!

    Nakey Jack makes me want to make more babies. He is so dam cute laying there like that!!!

  7. You are not missing anything with Jaegar. Although come to think of it, I never remember drinking it, either, I just know to check my phone the next day to see what wisdom I spouted via text.

    Also, OMG. Jack is amazing.