Thursday, October 20, 2011


What's up TVT! It's that time again.....that time being whenever the fuck I feel like it. Wow we're actually doing TVT on a Thursday? That's weird. Here we go!
  • Apparently it is possible for one eye to be sleepier than the other. I am sitting here and my right eye is awake, but my left eye wants to go back to is times like these I wish I were a pirate and could pull off an eye patch.

  • Halloween Party: before we had Jack we used to throw bunches of parties. Ugly sweater party, halloween party, random reason party, etc. So now that Halloween is approaching we are trying to decide if we will get back to throwing our annual Halloween Party. We started out all excited and then as soon as Andy and I decided on a date we were both like 'eh do we really want to do this?'. It isn't that we don't like parties, we do. But usually what happens is 50 people tell us that they are coming and then 20 show up. But we've already planned, cooked and purchased beverages for 50. Needless to say this can be annoying as shit. Obviously the over-purchase of alcohol is never a problem. sighhhhh....we need to make up our minds quick-like on this one.

  • This weekend Andy and I are Spring....eerrr I mean Fall Cleaning. Yeah we're a little late in the season for this one, but the house could use a good going over, so that's the plan. We need to move some bookshelves and take some more boxes of stuff to Go.od.Wi.ll and maybe...if I give Andy enough wiener rubs...we will move my eliptical machine downstairs. So hopefully we can get it all done. I always start out excited about these projects....but I rarely maintain my excitement throughout.

  • We're preparing to do some major re-wiring of our house. Our neighbor (the husband) is an electrician and so basically if we buy all the supplies he will throw in labor for dinner and a six-pack. Gotta love dudes who take beer as payment. We're adding can lights and maybe (undecided) a ceiling fan in our living room, wiring for a flat panel on my pictureless picture wall, wiring in my garage door opener (redneck alert: right now it works but it is plugged into an extension cord. Awesome!), adding a few outlets in our bedroom.....and I think that is about it for now.

  • I dropped my buddy Nick off at the airport this morning for a sad sad reason. His little brother died yesterday. The specifics are still a little unclear. Nick describes him as a "lost soul". He got into drugs and what not. So they don't know if it was suicide or what. I had left him a message about our first dodgeball game and he called me back sounding strange. I knew something was wrong right away. He told me he didn't need me to come over, but as soon as I hung up the phone I knew I needed to go. He doesn't really have anyone else here to turn to. So I called him back and said 'screw that I am coming over'. He seemed to be doing okay while we were hanging out. We found him a plane ticket and chatted a little bit about arrangements that needed to be made. I am so thankful for the fact that in a couple of hours he will be home and with his boyfriend who probably knows how to better comfort him.

  • And there just really isn't much to say after that one. Hope you are all having a great Thursday.


  1. That is're a good friend (which I already knew).

    I am so with you on the party thing. People piss me right off when they say they are coming and then don't show up or show up late. So rude!

  2. my brother died in much the same way. we still don't know what happened to him. still waiting on autopsy report. drugs suck.