Wednesday, October 12, 2011


YAY! It's time for TVT....what do you mean it isn't Thursday?....huh you're right. Know what? it don't matter. Because there are no rules to TVT. So here goes the vomit!!!!

  • The reason this post is going up a day early is because tomorrow....on Thursday...5 of the coolest ladies in the entire solar system will be coming to Colorado for a girl's weekend....technically Josey is already here, but you get what I am saying. I can not wait....I mean technically I have forever. It seems like we started planning this weekend 72 years ago and it took FOREVER to get here. But now it is here!....better shave my legs all the way and armpits. 

  • One ramification of Jack's overnight was that the first few nights back he was ridiculously clingy. Monday night was borderline ridiculous. We did our "routine" as usual. He was acting all on board with things. Then I went to lay him down. He snuggled in and two seconds later woke back up crying....I waited a few minutes. He got louder. So I went to pick him up. I rocked him a little over his crib. Told him 'mommy will be here when you wake up'. Then put him back down. Supa pissed!!! Picked him back up, repeat rocking/reassuring. Lay him back down. Nope. Okay, maybe he's still hungry. Try to feed him more. He started getting droopy-eyed again so I took him back to his crib. PISSED BEYOND BELIEF! I laid one hand on his back and patted his bum-bum and that calmed him down. When I would stand up to walk away, he would scream again. After a few more goes well.... *sigh* needless to say, the little fella one that round. 

  • The Monday night experience had me cringing last night when I started the "routine"....drum roll....little dude slept through the night. I should clarify that statement. Little dude slept from 9:30p to 5:30am when I woke him up to eat before I left. The sucky thing about the random times he sleeps through the night is that I find myself wondering the next day 'how long would he have gone if I didn't have to wake him up before I left?'. *sigh* questions that will never be answered.

  • The thing about sex when you have an infant is you have to have a sense of humor about it. Every once in a while we will luck out and get a nice two hour stretch when Jack will stay asleep and we can take our time, but for the most part, sex with an infant goes something like this:
    Lay Jack down for a nap....stand 20 feet away from the door looking at each other and listening for him to stop crying....try to concentrate on the conversation you are having, but really you are thinking 'when is he going to go down so we can run downstairs asap?' soon as his grumbles get muted you look up and say 'we've gotta go now!'. And off you go. Like I said, sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by the amount of time you have. Heck sometimes you get to take a shower afterward......but other last night this one time I heard about from someone else. You will find yourself in the middle of foreplay and Jack...oops I mean someone else's child....wakes up and starts screaming. You have a decision to make people. Finish things up while he screams, or post-pone the festivities until a later hour when hopefully you will get the chance to get back down to this case I realized the likelihood of the latter happening was super-minimal. And if I wasn't about to ditch my hubster with a baby for four days I would have been like 'eh we'll pick it up some other day'. But I knew if I went out of town before he got some, there would be hell to pay. So instead I played mother of the year and we rushed to the finale.  And yes, the whole time I was thinking "i am a terrible you're not, he is perfectly safe in his crib.....this is the worst thing a person could do to their it isn't, letting him cry for a bit is no big deal" and that went on and on. Whatever, I went upstairs, picked him up and you know what? he is just fine. Now that I think about it, then he slept through the night....hmmm there might be something to this?

  • Alright peeps. have to cut TVT off there. Hope you have a great Wed-hursday. I will probably return on Monday to tell you about the wonderful time we had at our get-away this weekend. Of course if you don't hear from me by next TVT, send out a search party because that probably means Andy was right about my "imaginary" friends and I have been cut up into little pieces and scattered somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Lovely way to end TVT i know. Don't get murdered....that is the lesson of TVT this week. You're welcome.


  1. Have fun this weekend! And I love your "sex with baby" recap... I can neither confirm nor deny a certain baby being left strapped into his high chair while his parents went around the corner and got it on on the dining room floor. Oh the art of the quickie...a valuable life skill!

  2. Cadence's room is far enough away that we can't hear her without the baby monitor. So I've discovered that everything is much easier if you just switch that sucker off... haha I mean I pay instant attention to my daughter, she is my everything! =)

  3. lol, the screaming child interrupted our first time back doing the deed but I left that out of my post because I felt like a bad mom too. I figured that was one of those times she could cry it out. :) Have a wonderful trip!!

  4. Have a great time :) We will send out a search party if you dont return...

  5. Have an awesome time!

  6. Have a great trip!!!!

  7. Oh yeah, I am soooo cool. I'm your 50th follower! :)