Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hola personas fantasticos. Bienvenidos a Thought Vomit Thursdays. Donde esta la biblioteca...yeah that is about where my Spanish abilities max out. So yeah, another Thursday, thus more vomit. If you haven't seen TVT before, the rules are pretty simple. Write shit that is on your mind utilizing bullet points if you so choose. The End. Now open up dem brains and let the vomit speweth forth.

  • OMG guys I am going to be sick. So tomorrow the day after today, tomorrow...Jack is going to do his first overnight. HELP!!!!! I am so nervous/excited/terrified/guilty/happy/crazy/curious about it. I hope everything goes absolutely smoothly. I hope my worries are unfounded and that Jack is the absolute angel that I know he can be.....granted an angel that has started doing throat ripes with his crazy strong grip, but an angel nonetheless. I can do this, I can do this. This is a super important step because:

  • Next weekend is GIRLS WEEKEND!!!! aka "The Most Amazing Fucking Weekend Known to WoMan"....Man I hope I haven't set my sights too high on that one. So of course, this overnight with the grandparents is to give me some peace of mind for leaving my babes for 3 whole nights next weekend.....3 has anyone done this yet? Well I know Oak has, but I am scared. Thank beattlejuice that I have some awesome fucking ladies to cuddle all won't mind if I kiss your heads and pat your bottoms right?

  • Obvi, since tomorrow is kind of kid-free for us, excited Natalie is like "OMG what are we gonna do?" First there is happy hour with my dodgeball team, but then I was thinking we could hit up Comedy Works for their uber late night show because we are going to be able to do something late in the evening without feeling guilty for keeping our babysitters up....then again who am I kidding, we will probably just sleep.....well perhaps some brown chicken brown cow and then some sleep. You know what I'm saying...yeah!

  •  Andy and I are busy rekindling our marriage and shit. It is stupid important to do that every once in a while, but I think it goes without saying that babies kind of take some focus away from your spouse. Luckily Andy is just as crazy about this kid as I am, so he tends to not be as pissed that I forget he is around. who are you again? but we do need to remember that we are numero uno. Well technically we are numeros uno and dos and Jack is numero tres. We are like a pyramid and shit....I guess the bottom..yeah because that would make the foundation of the pyramid strong or something. Just go with it. So Friday will be good.

  • Now I don't want to blow your minds or anything, but this is TVT so anything goes. Andy and I have been talking about the possibility of moving to Africa after he graduates. Now while you pick up those brain pieces, you should know this is at least two years away. He has to finish undergrad and he is talking about grad school now, but after that...HFS. It is weird that I have finally reached the point where the idea of moving to Africa doesn't scare me.....well obvi that mentality would change depending on the country. But 10 years ago I would have clung to the U.S. like european body odor. Now I am like 'fur shiz, let's do this!'. It is weird how we change.

  • Not really sure where to go from there, so I best wrap this TVT up for today. Have a great Thursday homies and everyone please spend tomorrow sending positive thoughts out into the universe for me telling Jack to take a bottle and go to sleep for grandma like a good boy.


  1. Wow, Africa huh? That would be an amazing experience? Wanna share more about why Africa and what you would do there? I'm so jealous all you ladies are meeting up next week. You will have a blast!!! Next meeting...KC? :)

  2. The little man is going to do great! He is going to instinctually know that you NEED this and make your life easier (I'm just putting all that into the universe and hoping it sticks). :)

  3. Good luck Jack! I can't wait to hear how he does!!! Enjoy your night off ;)

    AFRICA?!?! Wow..that would be amazing...

  4. Have fun on your first overnight away! Sean and I are talking about doing an overnight trip to the mountains (where I went to college) to enjoy the fall leaves hem...each other if you know what I mean. I'll be curious to see how your experience of a night away goes. I'm terrified to do it as well.

    Also...why Africa?

  5. I bet Jack will be just fine without a worrying Mommy in the vicinity. :)

    Also, Africa would fucking ROCK. So jealous.

  6. Nooooooo... I mean, yay? It's just that - how are we supposed to do our annual weekend trips if you are living in a hut in the sahara? What? They have houses and cities there? Oh.

    Maggie stayed the night with my folks on our anniversary and I missed her, but wasn't all upset and emotional like I thought I'd be. You can do it!!!!

  7. Whoa wait, you're on a dodgeball team? :) Africa=Awesome. Jack will do great, no worries! :)

  8. Way to go for getting a night off tomorrow! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear how it goes...I'm still dreading our first experience with a sitter.... I have a rec from a girlfriend though, so perhaps Hubs and I should plan a date night...

  9. Do I still get to see you Friday afternoon?