Monday, October 10, 2011

Results are In

Jack survived his first overnight!!!! I can't even tell you all how relieved/excited/happy/thankful I am about this one. To know he can be away from me and not just make it through the night, but actually be happy and smiling throughout is just beyond great. Sippy cups. That was the key. Should be no surprise to any of us that he didn't take any milk via bottle, but Grandma put it in the sippy cup and little fella took it! Woohoo!

His sleep wasn't too bad either. He woke up at midnight, but slept until 4 and then went back down until almost 8am. Not too shabby considering he was in a strange bed and neither of his parents were around. When I talked to his grandma on the phone the next morning, she said it had gone well, but I knew I would be able to tell by her tiredness level if she was telling the truth...and she actually seemed pretty well-rested. Whew!

I text Oak "he rocked it! yay for sippy cups. we're on like donkey kong for next weekend!!!". Because to be absolutely honest, I was still on the fence on whether I would be begging my ladies to give me permission to bring Jack along if things went really horrible on the overnight. I know how many of us need the weekend away, myself included, so I didn't really want to do that. Thus my elation with the situation. Momma gets to have a weekend away!

I don't think I realized how nice it was to get away until Andy and I were driving downtown together. He made the comment 'it is weird to think this is how things always used to be' and I had been thinking the same thing. It never really occured to me that I would actually want a night away from him. I love having him around all the time, but I can't really say having a night out was a bad thing. Andy and I had grand plans, we were going to go to the happy hour real quick to meet all the dodgeball folks, then we were going to go see some stand-up, then we were going to.....well ya know. Brown chicken brown cow. Alas that is not the way things panned out.

We did go to happy hour and that ended up being such a blast that we stayed until 10:30, thus missing the start of the stand-up show. In the meantime Andy's good friend and his sister met up with us. His sister decided margaritas sounded good (who would disagree?), so we trekked our butts across downtown Denver. Somehow in the walking process (read: drunk decisions) we got sidetracked and ended up at a non-margarita establishment. Soon I found myself playing my first game of beer pong with total strangers.....hey don't judge me for never having played beer pong before. I actually went to college to learn. Nerdy I know.

Turns out I am a steller beer pong player (beginners luck perhaps?)....and I can also choke down bud light if it is absolutely necessary. Andy later teased me that had we known I was such a good beer pong player, I might have been able to work my way through college....of course then he made the comment that I would probably still be in college if I had chosen that path. Eh grass is always greener...hahaha.

When I was at the bar getting our second pitcher to play the next group, Andy's sister decided we needed a change of venue (i.e. she had met a boy she thought was cute and he was headed to another club). I returned to find her grabbing our purses and getting ready to run out the door. So sadly I handed my freshly purchased $10 pitcher to another group of players and we left. As we stood in line at the next bar, Andy and I decided we are old. It was 2am, my boobs were about to explode, and we were thinking Taco Bell and an episode of The Wonder Years (new to Netflix on demand by the way) sounded way better than a dance club. So off we went. But it was a grand night all the same.

So that was our night away. I think I definitely needed excessive amounts of alcohol to deal with the tension from leaving Jack. When I got home to pick up Andy before we headed out for the night, my shoulders were so tense and my head hurt. I knew drinking was the only way to get my mind off worrying whether he was eating/sleeping/pooping/etc. Just what the doctor ordered.....well rather not at all what a doctor would order..but definitely a good solution.


  1. I'm a pretty decent beer pong player myself, especially when I'm a few drinks in. :) I can't believe you never played in college! Or after college. Or this summer. LOL

  2. I can't believe you had never played! I'm really good... well used to be. Haven't played in a year or so.

    So glad it all went well even though PLEASE! you wouldn't have had to bed. I might have dressed Jack in one of Maggie's outfits and a bow though, so maybe it's best for him. :P

  3. I do love me some beer pong. I'm glad to hear you're a champ...I never doubted you would be though. :)

  4. I suck at beer pong but I rock at beer drinking. Ok I suck at that too but man I get funnier and better looking after a few beers. Where was I going with this... Mmm beer.

  5. Hooray beer pong! Hooray beer!

  6. Glad to hear the boy did just fine. And thanks for all your advice on my daycare post!

  7. I got an A+ in Beer Pong as well :) Great game. haha. Glad your little man did so well and that you guys got to have a night out together!