Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thought Vomit Thursday: Say What?

Ready for some more Thought Vomit? Me too!
  • This may come as a shock to all of you, but apparently if you eat cookies, brownies, ice cream, and burgers and do almost nothing as far as exercise goes weight does not just drop off of your flabby tummy. Now that you have gotten over the intial shock of that idea, you should also know that apparently breast feeding is amazing because whilst I haven't done that great in the past month-ish, I didn't gain weight either. I consider that a ridiculous victory because I have never been able to eat whatever I wanted without having to face serious consequences weight-wise. Is this what it feels like to be a normal person? Weird.....Okay so it isn't like I eat crazy every day, but I also haven't been like 'I had a cookie yesterday so I shouldn't have a brownie today'. I am like 'fuck it, get that brownie in my face!'. So looks like I am exactly where I was a month ago when I wrote this post....well I guess a little below that because of the whole drop before my life insurance physical. So I have 25-ish pound to go and 5 months......and still 2 1/2 miles because, like I said, I haven't even pushed myself to exercise regularly. I promise though, I will get busy on this.
  • Building on that previous thought, I bought a bike trailer for nugget! And it was kind of an epic find. I was at Target on Monday grabbing a box of diapers and I thought 'I should go check and see if that bike trailer is still on sale'. I saw it on sale a few weeks ago for $20 off...but it must have been my lucky day because it was on Clearance, for $80. Which was 50% off the original price. Woohoo!
  • Tomorrow night is Summer Brewfest and in turn, the second time Andy's parent's will be watching Jack......and I am nervous. I mean I am excited about the beer obviously, but I am nervous because Jack still isn't doing awesome at the bottle thing. Well that isn't exactly fair. He seems to be flip flopping a bit. Yesterday he took four ounces, the day before he took 8! woohoo. But basically he isn't being consistent. Andy said that the biggest difference between now and the first few months is that Jack doesn't cry or scream when you give him the bottle. We're only going to be gone about 4 hours so I know he'll be fine. My prediction is that he will not take anything while we're gone....but I just hope that he will cooperate because *gulp* we haven't exactly admitted to our parents that Jack regressed back into not cooperating with the just felt like admitting defeat. Anyway fingers crossed that they don't even notice and they just have a great time. My plan: feed the shit out of him....wait that sounds totally wrong...before we go. Then when they arrive tell them to put him down to sleep at 7:30 or 8pm and then hope he sleeps for a good hour or two, then, in theory he will only be awake for about an hour before we get home. I'll report back on this one.
  • On the previous topic, I must buy a bag of pretzels tonight and make some pretzel necklaces. I have learned our lesson from Brewfest 2009. After a while, you can't taste the difference between the beers. Thus pretzel necklaces.
  • We're gearing up for a garage sale, not this weekend, but next. And I am feeling the urge to purge. Maybe it is because I watched Ho.arders on Net.flix a few weeks ago. Andy's new favorite statement from the show is "errant feces". Thank bejesus that we don't have errant feces to worry about.  In the spirit of purging, I decided it is time to get rid of my english saddle......which leads to a new fun fact about Natalie. I used to have horses and ride them. And whilst I am a Colorado native, so in turn you might think 'cowgirl', I was in fact down with the brits and chose to shun Western saddles and cowboy boots. There is just something about those sassy little jodfer pants and knee high boots. Anyway, I decided while I do one day hope to have horses again, since  I don't have them now, I should get rid of the saddle....well if I can. If I can't then I will continue to go out to the garage and sit on my saddle horse and pretend that I am riding.....wait I have never done that.
His name is Franklin...he's a Belgium or a Thoroughbred. It depends on the day.

  • I feel like I should do an update about pumping breast milk at work. Because things have changed since my original post. So first off, I did stick to the pumping 3 times a day for at least a month and I do think that was important to keep my supply going while making the transition back to work. But after Oak reported that she was pumping the same amount, and sometimes more, when she went down to two sessions instead of three, I decided to try it out. So here's the new schedule and some numbers to give you an idea of where things are. I pump around 9:30a and then again at 2:30p. I feed Jack at 5:30a and then a 6pm right when I get home. My numbers have gone down a little bit. Sometimes it worries me, but I'll get to that in a minute. Pump #1....oh you should know that I have dubbed "pumping time" "Hammer Time" which is why Oak and I often have MC Hammer stuck in our head and a strange desire to wear gold lame hammer pants. Hahaha look at this shit!

  • Anyway Pump #1 gets me between 6-9 ounces. On a good day it is 9-10, but recently it has been on the lighter side. So I have started taking Fenugreek and drinking lots of water. Who knew hydration was the key? Dumb = Natalie. Pump #2 gets me 7 or 8 ounces. All in all I usually head home with at least 12 ounces and on a good day closer to 18.....which if your kid is anything like Oak's Mac Attack, is not enough to sustain him for a day. Mac drinks 4 - 5 ounce bottles at that right Oak? So obviously my 12 ounces would not sustain Mac for a day at day care. But for Jack it works out.....and I have a ridiculous looking freezer. I seriously need to take a picture for you. I experimented a bit and it turned out Oak's findings and my own were the same. It didn't matter if i pumped three times a day or twice I would get the same amount.
  • That leads me to my thought vomit about day care. So I started this process like a year ago, but turns out you can't really advance plan with smaller or home daycares. We looked at the larger day cares and those are still real options for us, but now that we're 5 weeks away from Jack starting day care, my pants are on fire to look at the smaller daycares to compare. Ah the stress! Obviously we would love something that is convenient to get to and that doesn't send us to the poor house, but most important is to find someone I trust with my kid. Weird thought I know. Anyway "Project Find a Day Care" is fully underway. AHHH the STRESSS!!!! Good thing tomorrow night is Brewfest. That is all I have to say.


  1. Do you use a deep freeze so that the milk will stay good longer? We're trying to decide if we need to do that.

    Enjoy brewfest!

  2. You crack me up. I want a pic of you with those pretzel necklaces. Brilliant!

    Pretty nice horse you've got there...

  3. Dude, Mac takes 8oz 3-4 times per day at daycare now. Did I not tell you we are at that point. yeah, it happened after a day when I say "Erik, give Mac 8 oz and let's see how much of it he drinks so we know how big a bottle to make" and he killed all 8 oz. Yeah. Um.

    Franklin looks like a really nice horse.

  4. Did I ever suggest that you join PumpMoms on yahoo groups??? If I didn't, I will now. You should. They were super helpful when my supply tanked. Also I have some tips like "power pumping" and the magically delicious cereal at Target that contains both oats (good for supply, eat lots of oatmeal if you can) AND fenugreek in the cereal, if you're interested in hearing all of my wise old wisdom. Also, I have a super sweet picture somewhere of you on your real horse back in the day, but Franklin looks pretty sweet too... Plus also, I totally stole your Thought Vomit Thursday idea. Don't worry, I gave you cred. And now I have officially thought vomited on your comments. Love ya!

  5. Hah, I did the horse thing too! There is a picture of me in a saddle club queen getup somewhere on my blog, but I buried it. I should delete that crap. lol

  6. Mmmmmmmm brownies! I really need to start breastfeeding. How do I make that happen?!? ;)

  7. Um, stumbled upon your blog and SO HAPPY I did! You are so hilarious. Not the "Teehee, chuckle, chuckle" kind of way but the "I'm embarrassed my neighbor will hear" kind of way. Good work.